Prince William to serve in RAF as SAR pilot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oblivion592, Sep 15, 2008.

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  2. Oh, how nice - The Crabs.

    Well in fairness to him, flying the bright yellow PR machines is doing something useful. Cant ever see him being allowed anywhere hot and sandy. So why not.

  3. Just imagine the PR coup when 'he' rescues a baby from a roof top in Tewksbury.
  4. Good luck to him.

    He has taken the decision to do the nearest thing to Ops he will ever be allowed to(rather than become a full time Royal) and this deserves some credit.

    However, the RAF? FFS... :wink:
  5. Fair play to him. It's the nearest he can get to doing an Op tour, and it'll free up another pilot to go fly green choppers in hotter sandier places.
  6. Wish I was a Prince. If I rock up and tell everyone I´d been to Sandhurst, became a Cornet in the HCR, then decided to be a Matelot, then decided RAF SAR was my bag.....

    Well, you´d be chased by ever Waltfinder General going!!!

    And yes... I am insanely jealous.
  7. Quite obviously he has had a look at the rest of the forces and decided to join the superior one!
  8. Well he is supposed to be more cerebral than his brother, and not much point joining the Navy nowadays. Logical choice really.
  9. Apparently large numbers of our muslim friends have taken an intrest in hill walking and mountain climbing!
  10. Offhand, hopefully someone has thought of that :(
  11. It will be the first SAR Helicopter with 4 extra 'winchmen' all moustachio'd called Vince, Ginge etc with a penchant for H&K over Walther........
    Brazillian mountain climbers beware.... :?
  12. All power to his cyclic, in my opinion.
  13. Heh Heh, can just see it now. Bright yellow SAR chopper comes into the hover, closely followed by the merlin with said moustachio'd, and in the distance a stand off Apache....just in case.
  14. How many is a brazillion?? He'll be a busy lad :D

  15. Have a think about it.............. :roll: