Prince William to join the army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Oct 21, 2005.

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  1. According to the press this week he has taken the AAC aptitude test and passed with flying colours as he wants to be an aviator ... just like Uncle Andy!!!!
  2. Good for him, wonder which unit he'll end up serving in ?
  3. Is he entering in January then? If so....see you there Willy!
  4. Good for him, lets see more children of the "great and good" doing their bit. Little Ewen Blair has an internship in Washington :roll:
  5. I wonder how much use his student years will be to him - all that Arty stuff is going to be SO helpful when he is at Sandbags......

    Having said that, at least he is giving it a go... although I wonder how much his decision has been influenced by his younger brother having already started. A bit of sibling rivalry may have crept in??

    Or am I just being cynical again?? :?

  6. I wonder which one will get the sword of honour - Harry or William?

    Just heard the rumour that William's considering the RLC as an option.
  7. He trasnferred to Geography in his first year - a much better degree in my opion (then again I am biased). Much more applicable than the History of Art. Still. I'm glad he's joined up; I was concerned that he may go into the City. Shame the family tradition of doing their bit in the RN has been broken though - and announcing it on Trafalgar Day too!

    I've read a bit about complaints in the US that the rich never serve in the Armed Forces - seems to be the opposite in many European cpuntries - for example UK, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark.
  8. I heard he was up for the MPGS!! 8O
  9. Thought you had to have some service in a regular unit prior to joining the MPGS?
  10. I heard this rumour from the horse's mouth - the horse in this case being the highest ranking Royal Anglian still serving (just).
  11. I note that both he and his brother received news of his pass very quickly.When I got mine,it arrived the week after the RCB.Has the system quickened? One of my god daughters went out with William at St Andrews,and said that he was very nice(she's a very nice girl herself,and her grandfather was a Brit 4 star)
  12. RLC!!! Thats as believable as Tony Bliars kids joining the Paras!

    Wills will obvioulsy go for the AAC. His standard of life will not change much and he will be used to the amount of top totty chasing after him.

    Dont worry Will's, I'll write your end of course report now. ;)

  13. I got my result within 2 hours of leaving RCB (this was last year) without being in line to any throne... so I don't think there is any evidence of favouritism.

    Well done him.