Prince William RAF Chinook Pilot

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheBigUn, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Link below to article in the Torygraph. He got his wings last friday at RAF Cran-middle of nowhere-well and they were presented by his father.

    Then got the job of flying to the IOW on a "sortie" picking up Prince Harry on the way. Now that is a jolly. :wink:

    RHIP. Delete Rank insert Royalty. :D

    Prince William Chinook Pilot.............

    Edited to add Link to more pictures: Pics of Prince Williams Flying Training.
  2. Well Prince Andrew did it so why not William?
    Each to his own - fair play both Princes are attempting to do their bit in very difficult circumstances. Never saw Blair and the crew sent their little ones to the Armed Forces - might have taught them a thing or two.

  3. A non event really. It was properly authorised, there was a QHI and it was into a HLS that had been used before.
    It's not as if he was delivering a pizza.
  4. He is allowed as one day it will be his train set.
  5. Yeah Blur took UK into HOW MANY WARS and none of his ever served, niether did Blur or that creature he is shacked up with.
    Not unusual in my day for Pilots to give other pilots, regardless of breed a Cabby.
    Many an old mech can tell tales of
    'Their I was on the stick with f-all on the on the whatsyamacallit'
  6. I see from news reports in NZ that this was "Special Short Course'. Hmmm, Instructor to Student ratio? 1 to 1, by any chance?
    Although the young thruster will obviously have some role as a VIP at RAF Passing Out Parades or other Ceremonial type duties couldn't this money/time been better spent?
    Still nice to have a few more badges on your No 1s, eh.

    Standing by for It'll be his train set/his Grannys the boss etc written by the same people bemoaning the lack of monies available for equipment etc.
  7. totally agree with Pitswamper , in a few years William will be a General , Admiral , Air Marshal covered in medals and awards like the rest of his family that mean sod all and for what purpose??
  8. Watch out guys lest the Moderators spot this thread. All three of my posts in a similar vein have been bined by THEM. One is simply not allowed to discuss them unless its to praise their lifestyle. Heaven forbid that you ask where the Taxpayers money is going. At least P Andrew did his bit for a full military term. I cant see either of these to doing that. Even if it will be, and thats by no means certain, his train set in future IMHO he is still not entitled, in view of his shortcut training, to wear the coverted wings of the RAF. There I have said it again. Not his fault but ours for allowing it to happen.. Think On.
  9. Knock it off FH.........?
  10. Perhaps someone here can clarify whether this sort of exercise is regularly carried out by all newly qualified pilots? What I'm asking - in all seriousness - is do others make these sorties, if so how often and how many aircraft are involved?

    Surely MoD will be able to provide some simple statistics such as this to clarify the training costs - after all it is run by accountants isn't it?
  11. Find me one serving helicopter pilot, serving in any arm that hasn't had a jolly or used an Auth in the extreme to justify operation cygnet.
  12. You'd never hear of a ship's helo doing a fresh milk, mail, newspapers, jolly for the rest of us run, oh no. :roll: If the pilot(s) need(s) hours, OOW needs the launch/land experience or the cab needs a test run, what does it matter where the cab goes? It's training.

    Why would the Sovereign be a 4* in the Army and Navy but only a 2* in Crab Air? The DOE's campaign stars mean rather more than sod all as does DOY's SAM.

    Nothing to do with the length of the course. Successful completion of the All Arms Commando Course gets the soldier or sailor a green lid and commando dagger in 1/3 of the time it takes a bootie OR. A fat knacker may take longer.
  13. As a civvie tax-payer, my initial reaction was to laugh. No pun intended, but that just does not 'appear on my radar' of things to be concerned about.

  14. When I was at Cranwell, Charles had his own "Golden Eagle Flight". Specially chosen instructors and techies. He even had his very air traffic controller. I was surprised that William has his wings as I believe these days they are only awarded after advanced flying training. Also what is the gong he is wearing? He's only been in 5 minutes.
  15. That may have something to do with the fact that ranks attending AACC are already trained soldiers in their own trades ie Sappers or Gunners, RM recruits enter as civvies and have to do Basic Infantry Training first.
    I do hope your ref to fat knackers wasn't aimed at a certain golf loving matelot who 'passed' the AACC with less than speed snakelike times. :D