Prince William drops a clanger

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by socialhandgrenade247, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Prince William has apparently received a severe dressing-down after losing a machine gun at the academy where he is training. The royal was so worried when he realised it was missing that he borrowed a fellow cadet's bike and spent nearly two hours looking for it. Wills, 24, had been given a briefing on the L86 Light Support Weapon just hours earlier and was due to spend a day on the ranges at Sandhurst.

    The guns are kept in the Berkshire college's armoury and for security reasons they are signed out to cadets when needed.

    But mislaying his weapon, even though it was not loaded, could hit his chances of winning the prestigious Sword of Honour award given to the best student on the course.

    A source told the Daily Mail: "Losing your weapon is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

    "It's a real shame if it costs him the Sword of Honour as William is shaping up to be a superb officer."

    A Sandhurst spokesman confirmed there had been an incident on the ranges involving William's gun.

    He said: "Officer Cadet Wales' weapon was picked up and used by another cadet who handed it back a couple of hours later."
  2. With that sort of support for a comrade, maybe SIB will get the 'finder' sent as a section commander who will go high.
  3. Done already!!

  4. He will, no doubt, learn the essential solution to being a typical admin nightmare officer - buy lots of string and attach everything ever issued to you to various parts of your person so that wnen it all dangles you look like a cat's plaything.
  5. Would have thought that his man would have kept an eye on it .)
  6. I recall his Uncle once dropped a helicopter.
  7. Fcuking sounds like it! 8O

    Edited for questionable proffesional knowledge :oops:
  8. Perhaps one for the site mysters - there have been several attempts at the same thread, but the difficulty lies in the title (I would have missed 'Ooops'. Perhaps 'A Right Royal Ring Twitcher' may have scooped interest in good gutter press fashion?
    Been there, lost it (pair of wire gloves, not me shooter), sh@t a few... sympathies for the poor chap.
    I guess with the new system at RMAS, all can compete for the Sword of Honour. In my day, Graduates (such as young Wales) could only go for the Queen's Medal.
  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The MOD has released this statement:

    Prince William accused of losing gun
    A media report claims that Prince William lost an automatic weapon while on training and was severely reprimanded for it. This claim is entirely false.

    Which claim? loss of the weapon? or the reprimand?
  10. Doesn't sound like he was actually running around without his gat, after all you'd realise that pretty quickly. Just the usual screw up after 15 changes of command appointment. If he drew the LSW, it will just get handed around the platoon until endex. If some scrote has just handed it straight in to the armscote, the poor sap who signed it out ends up in the pooh.

    LSWs much better than GPMG and LMGs. Countless RMAS platoons arrived on the LoD after a night approach march across the Plain / Sennybridge to find that the barrel had fallen off the gun at some point during the night. "Ooops, I thought it felt a bit light, Staff"
  11. Ah, what a heartwarming story for mid-afternoon.

    Where are the papparapzi when you really need them...
  12. I hope the local Security Section is prepping an interview for him! That's going to be one hell of Counter Int casework!!!! :D :headbang:
  13. Er is he going to be stuck on for it then???????

    We all know the answer to that don't we!
  14. Training is where mistakes are made-and rectified.If there is any truth to this story(which I doubt),O/Cdt Wales will have learned a valuable lesson.