Prince scraps visit to Pakistan over security

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Oct 31, 2006.

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    yeh point, no need to give the surviving outraged militants such an obvious high profile target to try fresh jihadi on.
    mybe he would be safe enough if he had another rottweiler?

    I guess Bliar and the wife should go over instead, they could go chat to the people of Peshawa,
    he could explain why it happened in the name of making the world a safer place and she as the human rights lie-adjuster, sry, laywer, could take on all the claims against Bae if it turns out the missiles were made in the UK.

    'shake a paw!............ good girl'
  2. Prince Charles is already in Pakistan. From what I understand he will simply miss out the Peshawar leg of the trip.
  3. Just following FCO advice. Sensible in my view.
  4. He's visiting Newport in South Wales soon. Far more dangerous than Pakistan.

    There's a good chance some Chav will have his mobile phone off him, and his Tom Tom will be stolen from his Range Rover by a Burberry clad thief on a stolen BMX.

    At least if he gets hungry he'll be able to enjoy the local delecasy:- Cheese and Chips (dog egg). No doubt he'll have an opportunity to purchase some reading material for the trip home from one of the many Big Issue salesman dotted around the place.
  5. For a man who wishes to be "Defender of the Faiths" he seems strangely reluctant to intereact with certain members of the "religion of peace!"
  6. On a personal note, I'm due to deploy to Afghanistan in the near future, however having taken note of security considerations I have decided to cancel.
  7. Lol, but are you man enough to enter Newport in a car with satnav and carrying a mobile phone?

    (by the way thats a waahhh!!, cant stress enough how dangerous the middle east is)
  8. If you get caught in Wales with a Satnav and a mobile phone... you are likely to be tried for witchcraft.
  9. Only north of the M4 mate, anywhere south and you're an instant victim of crime.