Prince Roy of Sealand Has Died

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fltpilot, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. It is with sad new that it has been announced that Prince Roy of Sealand has died on the 9th October 2012.

    More at About The Principality of Sealand

    For those that want to send their condolences can do so by writing to the following address:
    Bureau for External Affairs
    SEALAND 1001
    Sealand Post Bag
  2. Princess Joan is now expected to take over the rule of Sealand.
    Prince Roy will be sadly missed.
  3. I wonder if the flags at Foreign Office or the EU will be flying at half mast - I somehow doubt it. I looked out today and could not see any sign of of any flags flying on Sealand. The Prince is dead, long live the Princess!
  4. A reality version of 'Passport To Pimlico'

    I like when 'The Establishment' becomes confused when somebody chucks in a banana.
  5. [​IMG]

    Where will the state funeral be, I can't see a cemetery anywhere in the nation of Sealand.

    Could they be planning to stretch HRH out on the deck and bang the nearest bulkhead, thus burying him under a shower of rust? Or perhaps a bin Laden style ceremony if they could install a catapult
  6. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    My cunning plan is to invade Sealand, by force. That is to say me with an ipad.

    After that I am going to request that a bank is set up on Sealand which will be a tax haven and I can then live out my life on a small percentage of the profits from tax avoidance, spend it on drink, curry and whores until I die.

    I'm sure that Alsacien and Wordsmith can help me out with the technicalities but the logic is sound. For a suitable percentage of course.

    The clever bit is that I will set up a religion which is extremely intolerant, (which maybe will include the death penalty for anyone not drinking alcohol for breakfast) flee Sealand as a religious refugee, demand a large house in Hampstead and claim as many benefits as I can, whilst resisting extradition to Sealand. I will then demand that tax-free vodka is given to religious adherents, as long as they vote for me, and become Mayor of London in short order.

    Trebles all round.
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  7. Someone already tried invading Sealand, it all got a bit messy I seem to recall. Wasn't it the Germans carrying out blitzkrieg a bit late?

  8. Gently lower him into the water on the end of a long rope, retrieve after 24 hours.........

    Continue until you stop bringing in the crabs and lobsters.
  9. mercurydancer i like your plan it sounds like you have planned this well.
    If you ever get it off let me know & i may join you!;-)
  10. How the F**k did they fit on 200 blokes during WW2..??..not a good place to be had the Graff Spee/Deutchland/Admiral Scheer rocked up within firing range..
  11. Look on the web site.... Looks like there was/is accommodation blocks in the legs.... Not sure but I think it is tethered to the sea bed so they go quite a way down......

    Bit like being in a static submarine!!
  12. Let's face it desertion wasn't going to be a problem.

    He featured on a Radio 4 programme a few months ago, the pirate radio staions were closer to pirate than radio, shotguns and man traps.
  13. That not surfaced for 70+ yrs for a descale/paint job..any 'tech' types here give an opinion on rates of wear/corrosion on steel plate/reinforced concrete it that envio...??
  14. From the Wiki 'HM Fort Roughs'

    I read somewhere that one of the towers is full of servers for online gamgling websites and the like. So there must be a fair bit of cash coming in, and a cable from the fort to the mainland.

    Isn't everything below the platform concrete? How does that hold up to the sea? Platform can be replaced easily(ish) I would imagine.