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Prince Praises Reserve Forces


Awfully decent of him!


Prince praises Gulf soldiers

Prince Charles chatted to families  
Prince Charles has paid tribute to the UK's reserve forces currently serving in the Gulf.
The prince spoke of the good work being done by thousands of volunteer service personnel during a visit to a Territorial Army centre in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

The visit was arranged after the prince, who has the title Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, expressed a wish to meet reservists' families.

The families have relatives serving with reserve forces for the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and the Royal Air Force.

"The 4,000 reservists from the UK have made a significant contribution to the UK's operations in the Gulf"   Brigadier Andrew Jackson  

One of those he spoke to was Graeme Coventry, 15, from Airdrie, Lanarkshire, whose father Jim is a Royal Naval Reserve.

He said the prince told him what a good job the volunteer services had been doing in the Gulf.

"He was very interested and was asking us lots of questions about what dad has been doing," he said.

"I told him I was a sea cadet and wanted to be in the Navy."


More than 100 relatives gathered to meet the prince for his hour-long visit.

About 4,000 reserve personnel are serving alongside regular soldiers, and 500 reservists are from brigades and units throughout Scotland.

Before the prince's visit, Brigadier Andrew Jackson, Commander 51st (Scottish) Brigade, paid tribute to the work of the volunteer forces.

He said: "The 4,000 reservists from the UK have made a significant contribution to the UK's operations in the Gulf.

"They have fulfilled a tremendous range of roles from consultants to military policemen, from members of the Parachute Regiment to drivers.

"You name it, just about every trade and skill has been in evidence."

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