Prince Philip strikes again!

supermatelot said:

Hats off to him!

I flucking love that man. If only he could be hired for weddings, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs!
Not a fan of goatees personally, so I think he's spot on.

Makes people look like either Spaniards, or Satan!!! :roll: :p

I guess its just individual choice though... 8O
Why don't the press leave him alone? The story is a month old and it's not exactly a gaffe to point out a pisspoor beard disaster. Not like calling someone a wog, or something.

There's a week more of the silly season to run.

Hats off to him, though.
I agree with Jarrod. If you are going to grow a beard, make it a full one. Goatees and other "fancy" beards suggest an unhealthy, unmasculine obsession with looks. And take too much time in the morning to get right...hours in front of the mirror getting the angles right
jarrod248 said:
Goatees are often sported by overweight men and look awful, well done to him for making a point of it. Long may he continue to push the boundaries.
It's not exactly 'pushing the boundaries' is it? Shurely?

Alan Bennett is more daring, when making muted comments about auntie's bad doyly drills.
Busterdog said:
Phil the Greek - still a matelot at heart!
I'm going to jump in a time machine from "Back to the future" and get Sean Connery from the first Highlander film and bring him back with me and see what he thinks :D




Well done the Prince; goatees aren't grown, they're manufactured by eating jam with a wooden spoon and then sucking off a gorilla. Such gluttony and perversion has no place at the Palace.
haha quality this beard/goatee must of been a rght state for him to comment he has had some shocking face fuzz himself in the past but still another classic phil the greek comment good on him we need more like him
Not as good as when he told that kid to lose weight if he wanted to be an astronaught....

Bet in 20 years time when the kid is an astronaught (or similar) he'll be in the news saying "All my family said I could be an astronaught if I wanted, only Prince Phillip pointed out that I would have to work for what I wanted".

Or he'll be another worthless t0sser claiming compo "cos dat king bloke ruined by life, innit".
Top drills Phil the Greek, spot on and a stunning example to us all.
Apparently he used to refer to HM the Queen Mother as 'The Hun up the road'.

The man is a legend.
Can someone with more imagination than I do something with his phot in the link and stick it on de-motivational posters in Naafi?

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