Prince Philip,a god?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. South Sea tribe prepares birthday feast for their favourite god, Prince Philip
    Daily TelegraphLink
  2. Is this the same island who last week were worshipping WWII US GIs as Gods? Someone really ought to tell them to make up their bloody minds. Phil the Greek hates competition.
  3. No different Island - there is another one that worships Cherie Blair
  4. I have an idea. Find an island out there that is in the market for a "God". The next winner of "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" is made a deity as a prize.

    Hopefully this would persuade even the biggest egos in Showbiz to take part. I dare say we might even be able arrange for some of the most deviant of Arrsers to take the place of Tefal-Head and his pet midget and come up with a few "tasks for them".
  5. I wonder if they'd swap my Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award Badge for a shrunken head or a nice spear?
  6. Do they all suffer from genetic blindness?
  7. I'd like to volunteer as a Host :thumright:

    Maybe Myself, MDN and Bernoulli?
  8. Now there's a thought! Did you find him rather God like when you got your award? I did!

    I bet I could live like a king in Vananutu just by showing my Gold Award badge! :lol:
  9. It's not just mud hut dwellers. I too worship Phil the Greek as a God. Consider the supernatural wisdom he demonstrated while awarding Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Papua New Guinea in the company of the country's Prime Minister.

    Greek Phil: I hear you hiked through the jungle to win this award.

    Award Recipient: Yes Sir.

    Greek Phil: So you managed to avoid being eaten did you?

    Prime Minister (outraged): There has been no cannibalism in my country since the 1960s.

    Greek Phil: Err, erm, actually I was referring to the mosquitoes in the jungle.

    What a man. If anybody is interested in converting to our religion, you might want to have a browse through our Holy Book (Amazon Link)
  10. Definitely... this man talks more sense than bliar and his fatherless cronies put together :salut:
  11. Well, the old boy is a God in this country - that in itself must count for something overseas.
  12. Yes, its called Islington...
  13. My personal favourite was when he was visiting a school.......starting speaking to a fat kiddy.....

    FK: Hello Sir

    Phil: What do you want to be when you grow up?

    FK: An astronaut sir!

    Phil: You'll have to lose a bit of weight then won't you!?

    FK: :crying: