Prince of Wales visits combat stress

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Poppy, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Just saw on bbc 10 o'clock news - blink and you would have missed it - HRH visited their treatment centre in Leatherhead today :clap: good for him - just a shame the news didn't give it a bit more coverage
  2. A bloody short piece, I thought. Why? Two reasons:

    1/. It's partly because somebody insisted that they go big on the Clegg victory in order to give the Lib Dems equal status to the two proper political parties (sorry Sven), and this squandered a lot of available air time.

    2/. And following the Panorama and all the other military items on the Beeb of late, a senior bod has decided that the Corporation should rein in its coverage of Defence matters for fear of boring the viewer.

    Shame that the first casualty of the 'new thinking' was a righteous story about the superb Combat Stress.
  3. It doesn't make for good TV or reading though..

    That is the main problem..No one wants to know some soldiers have traumatic personal experiences that will not go away..

    Same as the Limbless society..All Civis want to see is the lads going to fight the Bosch and returning to brass bands...A few heroic stories thrown in and that is your lot..

    The sooner this is addressed the better.. Folks should be made aware of the commitment and selflessness of all those who have and still serve..

    PTSD can come and creep up on you at anytime...Still not good for Recruiting though is it..