Prince of Wales to attend 65th D-Day anniversary

Just come through on the Torygraph website. After all the disgusting and embarassing bickering, a Royal is at last being invited (apparently only after the intervention of Obama).

What the very old and very brave veterans must think of this. All they wanted to do was have some time with their friends and comrades who didn't make it back and it has turned into an appalling fiasco of one-upmanship.

Whilst that little weasel, Sarkozy, bears a lot of the blame, Cyclops (who only wanted to go when he found out that Obama was going) has plumbed new depths - if that were possible. He has insulted the veterans and Her Majesty and has made us a laughing stock (again).
It just goes to show that Prime Minister is so out of touch with reality, if he thinks that the President of the United States of America would want to rub shoulders with him over the Head of State on such an occasion. The arrogance of the Prime Minister astounds me, but it will hopefully be downfall of his government at the next general election.
Thank's charles for attending 65th D-Day anniversary ,It is still sad that the Queen is not attending 65th D-Day anniversary

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