Prince of Wales and Repulse Survivors Association

Hello Everyone,

On Monday 10th December 2007 there will be a memorial service at The Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas, in Liverpool opposite the Liver Building.
For the uninitiated, this also known as 'The Sailors Church' because of it's strong links with Liverpool's maritime heritage.
Everyone will be most welcome to attend. Please come along and take the opportunity to meet some of the men who served aboard these fine ships.
This is the 66th anniversary of the sinking of these two ships by Japanese aircraft and of course it is fully documented on our website here.

The service commences at 11.00 hrs and I'd advise anyone intending to come along to aim for 10.30 hrs if possible. There are car parks all around the area, although with it being Monday morning you might wish to give yourself time to find a space and walk along to the church.
You might be able to get on a parking meter but in my experience the time will run out before the end of the service as you can only load them up so far.

Some people dress with medals and blazers/ties etc, but this is not essential. Just coming along is enough. Occasionally we have serving personnel in dress uniform (or any uniform actually) and they are most appreciated for making the effort.
Hopefully we'll be having a beer or two or a meal somewhere nearby afterwards. Again, you'll be most welcome to come along. I'll be there dressed as a former crab so you can always come just to poke fun at me if you like... :lol:

There's a map here for those not sure where everything is located.

Afterwards you might wish to take the opportunity to visit the Maritime Museum which is just a couple of hundred metres along the road from the church. It is well worth a visit.
Please PM me if you would like to know any more about it, or email me from the website.

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Hi Everyone,

It's the 66th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse today.
The memorial service will be as detailed in my previous post.
Please spare a moment at 11.00 this day to pause and reflect on what the men who were there on the day went through in the defence of our freedom.
Thank you.

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