Prince Naseem leaves jail

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by hurryupandwait, Sep 4, 2006.

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    I cannot believe the nerve of this bloke. He crashes into someone whilst showing off his flash Merc, shattering this guy's face, gets sentenced and is released before even serving half of his sentence! What the hell is going on?????

    He has an entourage to pick him up outside the prison (stretched limo and Rolls Royce) and they start kicking off that they are not allowed into the prison itself to pick him up. He then puts in a forced 'sorry' in his press release and claims it was 'hard' in jail and, to top it all off says that 'at least no one was killed'.

    You just know that he will now write a book about his 'prison experience', try to get comeback fights and someone like Channel 5 will do a documentary of his remaining time under tag. This guy is a tool of the highest order.
  2. I'm now waiting for him to turn his back on Britain for (deservedly) slating him, and going on an extended holiday to Pakistan. Possibly coming back with a beard......
  3. and in a coffin............
  4. That man went down in my esteem after what he did to Anthony Burgin & his Wife. I think it was pretty obvious to most from the start that he wouldn't do the full 15 month sentence.

    Celeb status in this country seems to automatically put you above the law!

    Yet another farce within this countries justice system.

    I personally would have liked to have played Provost Sgt with young Hamed & inducted him into the delights of S.U.S., :twisted: 28 days would have had him a gibbering mess & been more suitable a punishment than what he actually got.

    Ferker ruined someones life!! :evil:

    Now look what you've done...............this threads set me off.............I'm off to bed. :sleepy:
  5. 28 days are courtesy of Colly. Anything less, you can have him. Unless CO decides.
  6. Although the normal limitation is 14 days for SUS in unit detention rooms, permission to exceed the limitation of 14 days detention within unit may be granted by HA. Only MOD PS2(A) may grant authority for this period to exceed 28 days.

    Authority for this action is to be sought & granted in writing. This may be granted on the basis of compassionate, welfare, medical or administrative grounds such as:

    a.) Compassionate/welfare considerations relating to the family of the SUS.

    b.) *Where the medical condition of the SUS prevents his useful employment whilst at the MCTC.* In such circumstances the soldier's unit should arrange for the MO to discuss the case with the MCTC MO prior to the decision being made to retain him in the unit detention rooms or send him to the MCTC.

    *He would have been my toy to play with Dale & I would have held on to him.* :wink:
  7. 28 days with the Provo from Bad Lads Army would do it I think.

  8. i hate the tawt
  9. If you want a good laugh, ESPN Classic are currently showing his pro debut from 1992 when he was 18.

    Theres skinny wee Naz, sporting a side parting that his mum probably combed for him, jumping all over the place looking proper camp in his leopard-print trunks..funniest thing iv seen in ages!

    Think its being repeated on Friday, Sky ch 442.
  10. On the day some very brave servicemen, and perhaps servicewomen, are to receive some well deserved gallantry awards the following announcement in the London Gazette bought a smile to my face:

    Publication Date: Tuesday, 12 December 2006

    Notice Code: 1105

    Honours and Awards

    Central Chancery of
    the Orders of Knighthood

    St James’s Palace, London SW1

    12 December 2006

    The QUEEN HAS DIRECTED THAT THE APPOINTMENT OF NASEEM Hamed to be a Member of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, dated 31 December 1998, shall be cancelled and annulled and that his name shall be erased from the Register of the said Order.

  11. If only they would strip Jeffrey Archer of his peerage as well....