Prince Harry to start sandhurst !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mincin, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Very funny introduction, are you willing to pay Arrses's legal bills?


    Wind your neck in then.

  2. Can Harry Windsor's breakfast cereal have ever been so tasty, his orange juice so fresh and sharp, the bacon and eggs so intense in flavour as they are today? He will have awoken especially early and selected one of over two thousand sports jackets kept in a walk in wardrobe with its own post code. The slightly retro pin-stripe shirt and Old Etonian tie will have selected themselves and the white trousers and polished brogues likewise.

    Pausing only to toss a small travelling coronet into a hold-all, water those interesting plants in the airing cupboard and stick two fingers up at the samll crowd of paparazzi in the shrubbery, he will have skipped downstairs. His head will feel strangely light, his belly strangely tight - almost as if he was in China White's at three a.m. not about to jump into a Bentley in broad daylight.

    And for why? Today Harry will be joining the RMAS. He is about to "get on and do something with his life for god's sake", as most commentators are wont to say about any member of the Royal Family. He will no doubt have in the back of his mind the dreadful failure of his uncle in the RM. He will no doubt have imagery of his other uncle and father racking up badge courses and doing action man type stuff, helicopters, minesweepers, fast jets, wings, green lids.

    It is a heavy load to have to carry in the gates. It is a pretty stressful time for anybody especially a nineteen year old. It will be so much more the worse for H, who not only carries all his own fears and hopes but those of his supporters and his detractors. Good luck to him, even if he does decide to go HCR!! They have their uses not least of which is providing spontaneous piss-ups to assorted groups of officers loose in Windsor after weddings..

    Just one thing Harry...don't cross Andrew Ritchie one jot. He is a hard man but a top boss if you play it straight. Oh and for god's sake, don't tip the Colour Sergeants..
  3. How I wish to god he'd failed his A levels and not gone to the Rupert factory, he'd have looked so good as a Crow at ATR Bassingbourn!
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well said.
  5. I think he's a vile little chav, taking up a perfectly good RMAS slot for a Real Person.

    Just an opinion. I've a lot of time for most of the Royals.

  6. As yet he's not really had a chance to prove himself. He is still a teenager (& I think they're ALL vile!) so wait till he's out & doing the job before judging him. I hope he proves that he can get his act together, but if not, I'm sure that there are plenty of people around to show him the error of his ways.
  7. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well he is a member of the Royal Family, which kinda makes his 'behaviour' and improvement in said, of national interest, so the army is surely the best place for him. Let's not forget the lad lost his Mom, and had the whole world watch, enough to make anyone a little wobbly. In regard to the paparazzi, the sooner the Metropolitan police hand over royal security to the army the better in my opinion! (at least the close protection part) That night harry launched at the photographer was a travesty. Someone should have been there to have a 'quiet' word in the shadows.
  8. Hmm. I'm not going to bite that badly, but do you really think that service personnel are the best people to be escorting Royals in a mainly civilian context? I don't. In fact the RMP types I've ever chatted to about it tend to agree. Protection work is event management with small arms, and it's not what the army is about.

    On top of that (trust me on this) it's a job the army really don't want. Most of the police don't want it either: I'd rather that the resources poured into SO14 were used to stop people screwing my car.

    As for Harry, I'm sorry but you can't help but get the impression that he sees the army as a way of continuing his love affair with polo, Fulham pubs and his chinless mates. Not really fair PR for the 99.9% of the army that this doesn't apply to. I think his brother will make a much better fist of it, even if he doesn't enjoy it as much.

  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I am sure you know better than me mate, so I will listen. I am always prepared to listen to well placed information. I'm sure that the majority of the army is not interested in CP work. However, some people do go that route post service. Couldn't they be maybe moved to a Royal Protection Group, instead of moving to civvie street. As to civilian context, I was once allowed far to close to a Royal in my opinion. I would not have been offended or suprised had an arm been raised to bar my way, or a firmer hand had I made a fuss. I think sometimes 'civilians' would benefit from a short sharp shock, let them know their place in the greater scheme of things.
  10. Good point about close protection not being the army's thing. As a field experiment, get some papparazzi to start snapping away a random squaddy out with his mates on a Saturday night in Aldershot. I imagine the results will be quite predictable. :D
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Maybe Harry should go out drinking with some squaddies in Aldershot instead of his chinless mates in Fulham....good solution guys :twisted:
  12. The lad has a chance to make it.
    There's no way I want to see El Presidento Blur or any other politician being head of state so the up and cumming generation of Royals have a lot on their plate.
    The boy has had sum bad influences work on him up to now, but having know former Sandhurst instructors in my time, he will be in good hands and will go through the mill same as other potential officers.
    Hope he's got what it takes.
    best of British Arry.
  13. "Just remember your saluting, OCdt Wales. Longest way up, shortest way down. No, I didn't mean raising your arm diagonally up in the air as high as you can! You're worse than your great-uncle, Sir!"
  14. I suspect that in about 18 months time, the UK market will be flooded with ex-CP types. Considering the number of "Private Security Contractors" working in the sand at the moment, they will all require some for of gainful employment when the tax-free cash dries up.

    How about sub-contracting some of the work currently done by SO14 to private contractors such as Armorgroup [sic] or Kroll?

    Granted, this causes issues with small-arms, but when was the last time an SO14 officer had cause to draw his weapon???
  15. Questions:

    Sandhurst is the only military academy in the UK?

    A news article mentioned that it's 44 weeks long. I take that to mean the academic focus is strictly military?

    Did Prince Harry already attend a college, or is that done after going to

    Overall, how does the academic and professional education progress for officers in the military?