Prince Harry to return to Afghanistan

Prince Harry will be granted his wish to return to Afghanistan as an Apache attack helicopter pilot after completing his training next year.
The Prince, who was hastily withdrawn from a tour of Helmand in 2008 after his position was compromised by foreign media reports, has often expressed the desire to return to the front line.

Now he is set to be granted another tour when his squadron is deployed to Afghanistan next year, by which time he should have completed his Apache pilot training.

Clarence House said the Prince would complete his training next year and would then be available for deployment wherever Apaches were needed – including Afghanistan.

It is understood that his squadron is being lined up for a return to Afghanistan next year, most likely in late summer.

Rather than serving as a front line junior officer with the Household Cavalry, as he did on his previous tour, Prince Harry will fly a £40 million AH-64 attack helicopter in operations against insurgents.

Prince Harry to return to Afghanistan - Telegraph
so not front line at all.
not like the taliban are going to target an apache any more than they do anyway.
will the makers of hellfire get a royal warrant?

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