Prince Harry promoted to captain in British army

BBC News - Prince Harry promoted to captain in British army

Prince Harry has been promoted to the rank of captain by the British army, it has been announced.

St James's Palace said the prince had achieved the rank after completing five years' service.

The prince, who is training as an Apache helicopter pilot, joined the Army in 2005 and spent 10 weeks serving in Afghanistan in 2007-08.


Well done Harry.


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Congrats Harry.

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BZ Captain Wales!
According to the Telegraph.....A St James's Palace spokesman, said: "Prince Harry has been promoted to captain within the Army Air Corps in recognition of time service in the Armed Forces".

I thought that he was still badged Blues and Royals?
Cry God for (Capt.) Harry England and St George.
What's that Kraut got to do with Wales? Gwar ****!
because your a subject race hence your charle's bitch and his spawns as well.
I'd get with tugging the forlock as 30mm tends to smart pheasant or is that peasant one your allowed to shoot anyway:)
Please don't tell me William is getting married in his crab uniform. A 1940's demob suit looks smarterer.
He was recently made Colonel of the Irish Guards.
It is fairly likely that he will be wearing a scarlet tunic.
Also, fyi, 1IG are mounting Queen's Guard on the wedding day.

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