prince harry passes grading with AAC

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by naked_mole_rat, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. So, is there anyone on here who thought he might fail?
  2. Quite possibly the first ginger ever to pass? Ugh, imagine the contrast with the beret...
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    When does he pass THEM selection then? Probably got that penciled in for a couple of years time, just so he can get all his other quals in, p - company, get the underwater knife fighting certificate and get fitted up for a piece of black nasty across the eyeballs.
  4. I'm glad to hear he passed. Fair play to the lad indeed for wanting to play his part. I've a lot of respect for Harry, much more so than for his bro.

    Whenever both of them are shown with squaddies, you can clearly see that it's Harry who connects and is accepted as one of their own, while Wills just stands around looking awkward and out of place.

  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Except for Flush.

    But his hairs are mostly grey now.
    Both of them.
  6. does anybody want to place a bet on him completing a full flying tour and not wasting tax payers money on training and resources.
    will royal duties conveniently take him away after a few jollies?
  7. He'll probably get more of a flying tour than most officers in the Corps to be honest. At least he wont have to do 'SO3 Bogs and Drains in Benbecula'. ;)
  8. Will he be like the Duke of Kent though, when in NI we had to always have a 2nd aircraft whenever he flew in case of misshap

    once overheard on the office telephome in Omagh

    " I dont care a F*** who your aunty is you ain't getting two of my cabs"
  9. I agree he'll get a flying tour and pretty sharpish after passing his course, will he be seen after hes had his jolly though?
  10. i expect he will only ever fly with instructor types and everyone willl bend over backwards to make things happen for him

  11. Why are you asking on here?

    Do I look like Harrys fucking Press Officer?

    If you're so concerned, give him a ring. Heres his number; 07876380105
  12. check the thread mong
  13. I wondered where you were - you ARE the Thread Mong aren't you?

    Go to the QM and ask for another chip - it'll make you well balanced.

  14. Yep, done that.

    Can't see the relevance in your questions though. Would you be asking the same of any other APC candidate? Or any other serving officer for that matter?

    Are you in the Corps by the way?