Prince Harry in NYC

For the benefit of the majority of ARRSEr's who do not get US television news, Prince Harry's whirlwind 2 day tour of New York City was very well received and he got very positive coverage from US media. He visited the WTC site and laid a wreath, visited a Veterans Hospital that does rehab with amputees, a school in Harlem and played a polo game for charity. Not sure if the poor kid got any rest at all but clearly a hard working young man. He dealt with the media well although the only negative sort of questions came from a lady from your BBC. (something like "do you feel this visit will rehabilitate your reputation") He dealt well with that too.

Any chance we could cut a deal to trade Prince Harry for any number of congressmen you care to name? Harry would be great here and the congressmen would, I am sure, gladly jump to the better expenses regime your politicians get over there.
His visit to NYC got good coverage down here in NZ, I thought he came across very well. Was that his regimental tie he was wearing at the site of the twin towers? Also agree about the stupid question from the BBC, utterly pointless.


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chokinthechicken said:
Never mind cutting a deal for congressmen, He needs a fcukin haircut. Disgrace I tells ya.

In fairness he is training to be a pilot

The lack of haircut is part of the course
Once he has mastered the difficult stuff like how to wear gray slacks and slip on shoes they'll start him on advanced aircrew training like how to wear a big watch and bore everyone to death with pilot talk

2 years from now

"HRH how did you enjoy NYC"?

"Yah well I started at his six and then pulled in behind him and I went inverted whilst checking ones Navtimer and calling him a poof"


"Yah the poof turned up in a dogfight wearing a Rolex how very chav blah blah blah" :wink:

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