Prince Harry for the DEPO scheme

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Just a random thought, why not put him on the DEPO scheme?

    Plenty of time to let the blisters heal, attend polo matches and do the chariddy bit, and the best PR the scheme is ever going to get...

  2. Not on my course there isn't!

  3. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Yes, I've heard about the way your POs get treated Abacus - you nasty man you!

    Hah - make 'em suffer - wasn't like that in my day - kids these days don't know they're born - mumble mutter mumble

    Granny spice
  4. :lol: Biggest problem on DEPO scheme is you can end up with too big a gap between training weekends so an individual who isn't training hard enough in their own time gets further and further behind with the result that weekends 6 to 9 are where we see the biggest number of drop outs.

    I still can't find a way to fairly compare the TA course with the Reg course. Suffice to say that RMAS and others have worked very hard to produce a TA CTP that works well for the most committed and exposes the weaker elements early enough for them to select themselves out. I suspect HRH would do very well indeed on the TA course but he carries the enormous burden of National Expectation which the rest of us are thankfully spared.

    Of course for MSR, when he gets back from the sandpit, there will be some exciting catch up to look forward to :twisted:
  5. Anyone here actually based at Sandhurst and know what is happening or is it all guessing like the press?
  6. Hello cookie, which paper do you work for then? Quote me if you want, I'm Spartacus. Sorry I mean I work at Sandhurst. Or maybe I don't :grin:
  7. [quote="Candida]
    Why can't you just afford Harry Wales total privacy from Press and Public?
    Is he not one of your own? You hate journos here yet you feed them tidbits of news on the man.
    How would you cope each day if the whole world were watching your every move?
    Does the army's soldiers have no sense of integrity and decency that not only will they be hypocritical enough to criticise journos and the press for printing non stories and hounding people
    but they will drip feed the stories about one of theirs to the press.[/quote]

    Sorry just read this guff... NOTHING is being said about Wales here. Its a suggestion quite clearly made tongue-in-cheek: DEPO is a TA course, and he is at a regular course. Its the hacks that watch ( and publicise ) his every move, by the way, not the Army. I gather some of them have even sneaked into Sandhurst, taken and published photographs of the man.

    The polemic about integrity, decency, hypocracy etc is just pointless. If you'd submitted this post to a sub they would have ripped it to shreds - because its hypocritical b0ll0cks.

  8. Does anyone know the actual sick rate for the average RMAS Cdt? Once we know that then maybe we can all judge. I have had the RMAS blisters as most of you should have, if you remember with the new PC Army you do not request to go sick the CSgt drags you. This may also have some bearing is HRH not 3rd in line to the throne!!!!!
  9. I didn't get blisters at RMAS - well apart from a huge water blister on my lower back due to always carrying the heavy stuff - because my boots fitted me. He said smugly.