Prince Harry for the Blues and Royals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mintymcginty, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. The commanding officer of the Household Cavalry, Colonel Paddy Tabor, said:

    "The Household Cavalry are delighted to be welcoming those officers due to commission at Sandhurst in April, among whom is Prince Harry, and they all have our best wishes for successful completion of their training there at the end of this term. He will be one of six young officers passing in April who will then go to the Household Cavalry Regiment in Windsor for the next part of their training.

    We are particularly pleased that Prince Harry has chosen to join the Household Cavalry and in particular The Blues and Royals. In doing so, he will join one of the Army’s two most senior regiments, which have a wide variety of roles and extensive recent operational experience. We much look forward to him taking command of his troop on completion of his training. "
  2. So where will his CP team be while he's "commanding his troops" then? Or won't he need them anymore?

  3. Can't be much of an Army career.

    Pass out of RMAS and go and work at your Granny's house!
  4. Bit of a cliche then.

    This was his opportunity to learn about the real world: shame he couldn't have gone Kings or Staffords or somewhere else not populated by toffs and horses.
  5. You're assuming he had a choice of course?
  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    What, the Royal Scots and Scots DG?
  7. Make a change from him being on the p!ss in Windsor, oh hang on?

    Second thoughs, he can always stag on with the lads at the Palace (in between his Dad's house and the pub)?

    Why didn't he just do what he wanted and joined the Para Regt, I would have been more convinced that he was serious about his military career then just living where he does now but wearing Greenkit.

    Edited cos I is fick.
  8. I take it Harry can still have a crack at getting his wings with the Household Cavalry, but as someone else said i think the choice and final decision was somebody else's doing.
  9. Don't knock it he has chosen the best Regt in the Army!
  10. What pish and tosh!

    Good luck to the lad (Sir, if you're an ARRSER and logged in - Good on yer!)

    We should be grateful that we've got not one but two Royal Princes of the Blood joining the Army and not the Navy, as their ilk has tended to do in the past - excepting their weedy uncle, who so spectacularly failed at the hands of the Marines.

    Did anyone really ever think the boys were going anywhere other than the Household? I'd have been happier if Harry had gone into the Foot Guards, as I think grunting for a living is a good thing! But, you never know, now that little brother has gone Cav, perhaps the Heir to the Throne will veer towards the Tarmac!

    Three Cheers for Her Majesty The Queen:
    Hip hip Hooray! (x3)
  11. A shame, it'd done him some good to go and see how the other 9/10ths of us live. He should have been set up with a pl of nice young chavs from his mothers regiment. He could have had Beharry VC as his driver, a bit hairy I'd agree but character making. They'd have also taken him to some smashing places in Tidworth or just outside Basrah.
  12. Please,
    why they called donkey wallopers again??
  13. More worringly when I was in the horses were all know as blacks, bet that isn't allowed now.
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I recalled that I thought there was an airborne armoured reconnaissance unit, I think that may have been dropped in with Scorpions. I did a quick google and it said that one of the squadrons of the Household Cavalry is with 16AAB. Do they 'drop in' with Vehicles??? Very motor rifle.
  15. based in windsor n guarding his gran? think ull find thats the trench diggers job