Prince Harry could get SAS guard when on front line

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rumrunner, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. Prince Harry could get SAS guard when on front line
    David Leppard

    PRINCE HARRY is to be guarded by his own detachment of SAS soldiers during military operations abroad, under plans being considered by the Ministry of Defence.,,2087-2025722,00.html

    I find this hard to believe! Any thoughts?
  2. Why let him be a recce troop commander if you aren't going to let him work with his troop unhindered. Not that I'm saying that an SAS det would hinder them, just that if you are going to have an SAS det there why not just let them do the recce rather than adding them to the orbat?

    I can't believe that Harry wants the protection and it doesn't do him any favours in the public view. he might as well be an RLC officer and stop in the stores. It's safer there.
  3. Why not? Prince Andrew had that treatment in the Falklands!
  4. I think it would be better if he just either did office work or went along to school fairs and showed kids tanks and guns.
  5. I doubt if they asked for special treatment. I think they cant win either way.
  6. If i couple of scimitars are in the poo a bunch of jedi travelling in a unarmoured landi are going to be in even more poo
  7. Hang on, imagine if you were the CO, you could have your own little SAS unit to play with cool

    "OK Harry, why not take your unit over here"

    "But thats 70miles behind enemy lines sir"

    "Oh I'm sure you'll be ok" quick wink the the jiffed CP team commander
  8. It's in the Sunday Times, that oracle of veracity when it comes to military/ int/ law enforcement stories.

    So it must be true.
  9. Why waste manpower watching him.Stick him in an office somewhere around Whitehall and give him a pot of tea.
  10. Not his fault but it would be a brave Army that let him go any further forward than SO95(Cinema Accommodation) post.
  11. Lets think about this the army is over stretched and so they give Prince Harry and SAS guard it is just a waste of manpower stick him stores somewhere if thats the case, or let him get on and do his job like the rest of us with the same risks and earn respect like everyother officer with out SAS protection.
  12. I am sure that a SAS CP team is the last thing that Harry wants, i would imagine that he will just want to get on with it and be just like any other Officer who has to learn and earn the respect of his men.

  13. I'd be his bodyguard.

    £3,000,000/day for my services. I'll keep him very happy.
  14. Did he really? HRH was the aireborne taxi for a friend of mine for a few weeks after the war and he made no mention of the SAS body guard. Are you sure that a body guard adds much protection for a helicopter pilot.
  15. Just what I was wondering Pteranadon. Come on then the nay sayers, details!