Prince Harry captured by Taliban......................(well almost)

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking forward to the prequel "Bin Laden Captured By Mossad."

    As if theyve ever have the balls to make it.
  2. Let's hope it's not set on a Thursday.
  3. Let's hope it is; could be another Channel 4 comedy classic!
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I was asked to take part in this and declined. The producer told me that he and his company wanted to make it about a generic 'high value target' but that Channel 4 insisted they feature Prince Harry for the publicity. Struck me as being in amazingly poor taste and, indeed, a kind of challenge to the Taliban/Al Qa'eda to try to pull off something similar.
  5. The 'Historical Dramas' that they've done such as 'The Queen' was at least somewhat informative. What are we supposed to glean from watching this steaming mound.

    This is just another Channel 4 attempt to portray living people with people who look nothing like their real life counter parts.


    Look at him! Not a Swastika in sight!
  6. Quite. I cannot understand why on earth C4 have done this. As a counterpoint, lets have episode #2 featuring the Pakistan border regions being sprayed with bio-weapons by NATO. BTW, did Prince Harry agree to be featured, and does he have some sort of legal redress for having his life fictionalised? (Lets not forget that probably about 80% of the global audience will be so stupid and/or radicalised that this film will probably be taken as fact.....)
  7. What do you think goes on amongsts the writing team of C4, I wonder do they say to themselves lets do a drama about Afghanistan what shall we do about a documentary based on fact that shows the good work that British servicemen and women are doing in their six months out their? Nooo its much more fun to make a documentary where the Taliban are winning and are actually skilled enough to pull a stunt like that over the Gurkhas. Hmm thats quite an insult to the Gurkhas one that might have them sharpening their Kurkri's.
  8. I agree entirely with your comments. Terry will no doubt be monitoring reaction to the show to evaluate plans. Although HRH may not be over there there are family members of very senior officers over there who could be considered targets if identified. Given that one of those is the son af a good friend it makes me worry.
  9. I think the term they use is 'edgy', i.e. "This is probably in poor taste but it'll get us good publicity"
  10. Just another C4 effort to shock and grab viewers through publicity from the title. Remember "the execution of Gary Glitter" and "The death of a president?"
  11. Because he's a filthy cnut that likes to touch up young 'uns.

    It wouldn't be "Gary Glitter captured by the Taliban" more like "Gary welcomed back into the fold"
  12. In what capacity?
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    As a 'talking head' I suppose: definitely not as an actor! As explained to me, the idea was to have various supposed experts 'wargaming' the scenario, mixed with dramatic inserts.
  14. Presumably the interesting thing wouldn't be what happens to the individual; we can all predict that's not going to be good. The key questions would be:

    Is the Government of the day courageous enough to withstand the moral blackmail, or would we be out of AFG before you could say, "Caliphate"?

    How would they protect UK Muslims against the 'retaliation' that would almost inevitably follow the killing of a member of the Royal Family?

    The film of some red-haired bloke getting beaten up or sliced into envelope-sized pieces would just be porn for the republican lefties in Channel 4, no public service value.