Prince Harry and the jubilee medal

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Shelldrake, May 28, 2003.

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  1. I know it's probably a stupid question, but how has Prince Harry managed to accumulate the five years' service necessary for the Golden Jubilee Medal - particularly as he's 'serving' in a combined cadet force.

    Didn't see any of the other Eton cadets on ITN News at Ten tonight wearing QGJM so assume Harry's got friends in high places.  :-X
  2. Harry & William were wearing their Jubilee Medals for the big parade last year.

    I don't think that the Jubilee Medal was exclusively for the Armed Forces & Emergency Services - a whole raft of civvies got the Silver Jubilee Medal.  Besides, it his Grandma's party and I'm sure she can decide who gets a gong.  He might not have got five years in but he is going to be under more scrutiny over the next few years than you or I would want.  With that level of hassle he deserves a medal.

    And in case anyone was wondering - Yes, I have got one! ;D Could not find an emicon with a smug smile.
  3. Apparently even Edward "by Royal disappointment" got one
  4. Hang on a sec...?

    Since when did cadet service entitle you to the Jubilee Medal?   ???

    Reason being, I got my 'number' six months too late to qualify for a jubilee medal, but I was in the cadets for many a year before then? Can I use that to top up my four years six months service?

  5. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    No one said anything about cadet service being the reason he received his medal.  I think Her Majesty The Queen has the say in who gets one of her medals, so if she wants the royal family to get one, she will...
  6. I think Cadet Officers may qualify for the Jubilee Medal and possibly adult instructors.  I'm sure I saw some ACF officers wearing them for Remembrance Sunday last year.

    But as CGS and I have both said, it is HM's medal and she can give it to anyone she chooses.  The MoD came up with the 5 year rule, blame them if you did not get one.
  7. I checked this on the Golden Jubilee Site and yes, GGG, its the Cadet instructors with 5 yrs service who are eleigable. Alas, not me.

    Ah well, I'll just have to keep on looking in my corn flakes box everymorning to see if I can get one....  :'(

    ...or get married to a royal.  ::)
  8. I used to get 10 p off my grandmother when I was a nipper-the same principle seems to be applied here-it means he's got as many medals as some full colonels I know (and most of the RAF)
  9. Is anyone else familiar with the tag line:

    "It's only the person who is wearing the ribbon who knows how it was earnt and what it is worth."?

    I think this applies to the JM and pretty well every other gong.
  10. It's only the person who is wearing the ribbon who knows how it was earnt and what it is worth."?

    In this case Six quid for the miniature, and 50 knicker for mounting as the Army won't pay for miniatures to be mounted and will only pay for swing mounting full sized ones whereas Corps policy says court mounted-mounting at £5 a medal soon mounts up, especially as we are getting like the septic tanks and giving ourselves gongs every 15 minutes
  11. Not just for mil types, but civvies as well:
  12. ACF Officers and Instructors that had 5 years service , This could include service in Full Time and or TAVR before their Cadet Service, got the gong.
  13. for those of you that are that worried about a gong, you can have my Jubilee medal.

    Mind you it is the silver Jubilee one :D
  14. its a tacky piece of crap on par with NATO and UN gongs, i cant believe how many people bang on about not being eligible for it but should be, believe me and any one else whos got it, you dont want it.