Prince Harry - Airborne!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Hantslad, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. Very silly question.... but I though you had to have 3 years serving history before being able to undergo the Pegasus course?

    Im probably wrong but Im sur that there is a 3 year minimum period somewhere in the Paras. Do they take the Sandurst time into account?
  2. You're thinking of Selection, Harry will have to do All Arms P Coy as and when the course becomes available. Hope he does more jumps at Brize than his old man did!
  3. P Company. Nothing new about this - there have been documentaries on it since it began.

    Greenbaby - very silly question indeed. If everyone who was a Para had to wait 3 years before they did the course, we wouldn't have many now, would we? Para recruits do it as part of their basic training.

    Hantslad - there are no Commandos in the Cav. Perhaps you mean Paras? The Household Cav provide a Squadron to 16 AA Bde. Read more here.

    This is a serious quetion - do you really read the Daily Mail?
  4. You can do P Coy whenever you want after training there is no set time period. You are probably thinking of 22 where you have to have served for three years and have a minimum of 4 years service left!!
  5. There is and FR Sqn tasked to support 3 Cdo Bde. I believe its from the Light Dragoons.
  6. Sorry guys - did say was probably a silly question - easily confused I guess :oops:

    Thanx for clearing things up for me :)
  7. LD or QDG got issued dagger patches by RM for their support at Umm Q AFAIK, but got told to remove them.
  8. HCR used to provide Armd Recce squadrons for both PARA and CMDO but the other recce regiments got rather annoyed at them keeping all the gucci jobs for themselves so HCR decided to give up the relationship with 3 Cdo Bde. I thought it had gone to the QDG instead of the LDs but probably wrong. You can still see the odd green lid at Windsor but far outnumbered by cherry berets.
  9. T'was the QDG.
  10. When will 'senior royal sources' stop co operating with the celeb frenzied media and public and quit feeding these tidbits to the scum.
    Young Wales is as entitled to privacy as any other chap is- certainly courses that individual officers may or may not choose to attempt are their own affair and, most agree, should not be open to discussion on ARRSE's boards.
  11. Thought so. I can understand to some extent doing P Company if armour supporting in an airborne role. Why would you need to do the commando course to support commandos?
  12. This is journo code for either making things up or talking to a drunk cleaner in a pub the previous night and asking the old dear (between the 6th and 7th port and lemon) if she thinks Harry should go airborne like his dad.
  13. LD have one sqn attached to 3 cdo at the mo and intend to try and keep hold of it.

  14. When did you become an Arrse moderator?