Prince facing tax news.

Apologies in advance for this as I am posting this more because it has really p!ssed me off than it being incredibly news worthy.

"Prince charles is to face a tax investigation from a committee of MPs"

I only wondered if these MPs would be from the same House which obviously occupies such a moral high ground as to think they have carte blanche to have a pop at the Royals at each and every turn. Funny how with everything being discussed here on Arrse recently we have seen an eighty year old man, a royal, managed to drag himself off to show his support to the soldiers.Oh and then there was the Princess Royal who also went off to do the same, and at the same time making it clear that the Army has a hell of a lot of support back home, regardless of the mess the politicians have made of everything. So where do these wonderful MPs, who will I understand find out that the profits from the Duchy of Cornwall branded food etc goes to charity anyway, where do they manage to gain so much arrognace from to start questioning their betters?

Incidentaly whilst on the subject of MPs questioning the Royals' bank accounts, I laugh to see that they have been responsible for loosing almost £160,000 worth of valuables......When will these so called leaders of our country sort their own lives out before putting on the big sherriff act?! HRH, its quite clear how much you give to good causes, I hope this investigation ends pronto!
Oh, dear! How predictable was this though. Look at the unenviable record of the Royal Family re Armed Forces:

The Queen was in the Army.
Phil the Greek was in the Andrew.
Chas and Andy both served.
Chas's current buns both in the Army.
Various visits by Royals to injured Armed Forces.
Anne the Horse was in Aghanistan recently.
Phil the Greek, in rude good health despite his years, was in Iraq (and there's a chappie who knows a thing or two about being up the sharp end!)

There's simply no way you can fault such a sense of duty and dedication. So it stands to reason that some slimy scumbags are out to "get the goods" on one or more members of the Royal Family, just to draw attention away from their own cynical indifference.

Evil, selfish, vindictive gits!


PS. An' dat frum 'n Oirishman, FFS!
I saw a program about high earners a while ago, I believe that it was the owner of the "smoothie" firm who said on it that once you are earning over a certain amount it was up to you if you payed tax. Accountants can wangle your books etc and in the UK you can get out of paying.

Charles pays 25% voluntarilly and these f*ckers are hounding him.
This is nothing but pure vindictiveness, we have had Harry threaten to resign if he isn’t sent to the front with his troops, a number of Snr Royals have visited British Troops, not to mention the question HM asked that soldier.

This bunch of lowlifes whinge about the comments by the CGS being unconstitutional, going after the Heir is hardly the norm is it, they are just making attempts to try and shift the spotlight from them. Problem is, the Royals at the moment have far more credibility than the shower in Government.


Trying to deflect from:
Cash for honours,
Cash for questions
Not wanting MP expenses to be public knowledge
Not wanting us to know about the members in grace & favour pads who also claim housing expenses although they have no mortgages or claiming for a Central London Pad when their constituency is within a short commute.
Bunch of money grabbing lowlife's the lot of em.
Correct Old Baldy. I believe the Celestial Navigator is in imminent danger of making a voluntary visit to the Blue Brick this week?

Don't forget, the Prince of Darkness has also been questioned, so the Tories have a vested interest in having the Cash for Honours question migrate to page 34.

The Chairman of this committee is Conservative.

Members are here

Yes it is Labour dominated.
Get all of them to pay tax at the requisite level and you'd have no problem. Get them to pay death duties too, for that matter, like normal human beings do.
PTP: thanks for digging up that list, do we know how these people end up on such a distinguished list?!

I had a little look on the net to learn more about these people.

According to wikepedia, Richard Bacon "...has a particular interest in the nature and causes of overspending, delays, and failures with Government IT projects"......He has time for anything else???

Annette Brooke "is a partner in her familly firm selling rocks and minerals.." A highly interesting business no doubt!

David Curry MP "enjoys growing vegetables...." Sad, sad man!

Austin Mitchell changed his name in 2002 to .....Haddock???!!!

Philip Dunne, an Old Etonian FFS!! Surely he should have more loyalty? Anyway, he started Ottakars bookshop which has been taken over by Waterstones their largest rival...(tells you something)

A man who wants to be named after..a fish, a woman who in her spare time sells rocks, another one who enjoys spending his spare time with vegetables (ooh er..) and one whose company got taken over by their main competitor......They must all have vast shoulders to carry their chips on! No wonder they are all out to have a dig..
Actually flip flop they do pay duties on inheritance, Lord Linley and his sister Melons had to auction off a lot of Princess Margerates tat so that they could pay the tax-man off. I think when the Queen Mum died the gobment froze this rule due to the fact that she was so close to the publics heart.

The Queen pays tax, if my memory is right about 15 years ago she didn't pay any, this was changed as well as the civil list being slashed and she pays for her family out of her own pocket.

With Chas it is different due to his businesses in Cornwall. But I don't think that they would try and defraud the tax-man, it just aint worth it. I think it is just an excuse for the gobment to score points with there socialist brothers.........

The Royal family are worth every penny as far as I am concerned.....

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