Prince Edwards intake of booties, and the exploding SLR

Not a great story, but one I couldn't find on the site. I spoke to a marine who was in Edward's intake. Afternoon - on the ranges. Evening - running about doing attacks, firing blanks, the usual......people are handing magazines around in the dark, which proved a bugger at the subsequent inquiry.

My mate's moving forward, suddenly a horrific blam off to the side and an SLR gets ripped out of a bloke's hands and he's left standing looking well- stunned. Investigation reveals a barrel like a cartoon - burst and folded back on itself, banana skin style. Yup, you guessed it, somebody had loaded a live round into a mag of blank and this poor bugger had fired it up the back of the BFA.

It would have been a better story if royalty had been directly involved, obviously :)
Is there a point to this, other than the fact that live rounds are hard to distinguish in the dark and that's why the new weapon has blank-only mags...? :? :sleepy:
CC_TA said:
You're right; Not a great story.
Alright!!! So standards of idle drivel are slipping..........

I suppose I had the advantage of my pal pulling the face that the bloke who fired the weapon had after the bang - a thousand yard stare while sucking a lemon, and powder marks that made him look like Chi Chi.

He said the only good thing about having Edward around was watching the deference dissolve after a couple of weeks. From making him cups of tea in the field to "F*** off you lazy w*nk" pretty quickly.

That and getting invited to royal p*ss ups, at least one in the palace.
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