prince edward

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by masher69, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. where did he get all those medals from, thought he was only in the booties for a couple of hours or so
  2. I saw him on the Remeberance Sunday Cenotaph parade. All the other Royals got a mention with what military service they had completed. When Edward stepped up it was just "Prince Edward......"

    Made me snigger.

    Oh, and does anyone know where Harry was?
  3. Hmm, that same question occured to me conspicious by his absence??
  4. Training for the AAC??
  5. Hmm. Flash and MDN have been conspicuous by their ... hold on a sec!
  6. Check PMs
  7. He gave a bit of a limp salute too....
  8. 2 of them are the Jubilee medals, Gold and Silver, but forget what the third was.
  9. Winning an egg and spoon race ?
  10. Re HRH Prince Eddie, I recognised the Silver/Gold Jubilee gongs, but not the third (brassy) one he was wearing at the Festival of Remembrance. Could it have been some "acting" gong?

    Also, I could be wrong, but I could swear that his tie was RM...
  11. SAAM
  12. Well, don't forget that despite the manner in which he departed, Prince Edward was in the Royal Marines, albeit for a short period. He is right to be proud in his association with that fine organisation.

  13. Good question! One item was missing from his uniform, the order of the silver spoon, cop a look at this lot, not bad for a complete mincer:

    Military ranks
    • October 1986 – January 1987: Second-Lieutenant, Royal Marines
    [edit] Honours
    • 10 March 1989 – 2 June 2003: Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)
    o 2 June 2003: Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)[8]
    • 23 April 2006: Royal Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter (KG)
    • 1 August 2004: Personal Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty The Queen (AdC(P))
    • 11 May 2005: Honorary Member of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit (SOM)[9]
    • 10 March 1977: Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal
    • 1990: New Zealand Commemorative Medal
    • 2 June 2002: Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
    • 7 June 2005: Commemorative Medal for the Centennial of Saskatchewan
    [edit] Honorary degrees
    • August 1994: Honorary Degree, University of Victoria
    • 13 October 2007: Honorary Degree, University of Prince Edward Island
    [edit] Honorary military appointments
    • Colonel-in-Chief of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
    • Colonel-in-Chief of the Prince Edward Island Regiment[10]
    • Colonel-in-Chief of the Saskatchewan Dragoons
    United Kingdom
    • Royal Honorary Colonel of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry
    • Royal Colonel of the 2nd Battalion, The Rifles
    • Honorary Air Commodore Royal Air Force Waddington
    • Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

    I'm a traditionalist myself, one tradition used to be:

    One son for the Army, one son for the Navy and one for the church.
    (Cassocks and choir boys might be right up his street.)

    Another worthy royal tradition involved red hot pokers up the hoop or swimming lessons in a vat of Malmesy!
  14. Harry was on parade in Windsor on Sunday for what has to have been the best attended Remembrance Sunday I have seen in Windsor.
  15. He was in Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry garb, he gets quite a lot of flak for being a bit of a royal walt. But when he came to visit us on exercise he seemed a pretty decent guy.