Prince Edward

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tom9748, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Just sitting watching the Service of Commemoration on tv,one hell of a lot of medals about and rightly so. However, spotted Prince Edward sat in what looks like cavalry No1s wearing three medals,please correct me if Im wrong but didnt the little bald prince fail miserably back in the day when he tried to join the Royal Marines? and got a right bolloking off his dad when he sacked it!!,did he rejoin the cavalry :?
  2. You might want to reconsider the name in the title of this thread and your post.
  3. Are you on drugs? :?

    Prince Phillip never joined the Marines he was a Naval Officer, a good one at that. My grandfather served with him on HMS Wallace.
  4. That would be Edward, not |Philip
  5. Even I know Big Phil was a sailor?? Freak!!
  6. Prince Edward? Royal Honorary Colonel, Royal Wessex Yeomanry (UK)?

    Dunno about his gongs, though. QGJM would be one :D
  7. Have you been drinking thinners? Please don't say you're British. A commonwealth tree frog I could understand, especially if you'd never watched a TV or read a magazine. Did your family have any Downs babies that survived?
  8. I think you should now beg for forgiveness off his royal highness and promise to lick his boots clean till the end of his days :D
  9. I bet he has more medals than you ... and earned them to :roll:

  10. My mistake Prince Andrew DOOOOw
  11. You should have gone to Specsavers.
  12. Phil the Greek? Absolutely top bloke. If we'd had to have a President it should have been him.
  13. Prince Edward Medals

    Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal
    New Zealand 1990 Commemoration Medal
    Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
  14. I apologise unreservedly,I did not mean Prince Philip.
  15. A few of his medals come with the job of being the Queens husband and his office. He didn't earn those ones as such; just inherited really.