Prince Charles' uniform wardrobe.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by northern-matelot, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. Looking at some pictures on the Daily Wail website today of the P.O.W. i was wondering how big his wardrobe must be to fit in all the different uniforms he must now have.


    (needs to sort that salute out)







    I don't know about you lot, but I struggle keeping just my normal working rig in one place, thats before we talk about our best uniform, evening wear, PCS CU or tropical rigs.
  2. exbleep

    exbleep LE

    I think he may have a bigger wardrobe than you or I. In fact, his downstairs bog is probably bigger than my house.
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  3. offog

    offog LE

    It's not a spot on my wife.
  4. sammym

    sammym Crow

    Wonder if he has a MOD90? Actually I couldn't give a shit.

    Must take some serious commitment to shape all those Beret's though... Really don't see how he has time to do anything else.
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  5. PBUH


    He's got more dressing up boxes than Mr Benn and Jim Shortt put together.
  6. sammym

    sammym Crow

    RAF wings. Not para. Or so I was told. Basically the jumps without the p-company nonsense.
  7. But you have to admit, that a couple of weeks off 64 years old he can still wear them well.
  8. Onetap

    Onetap LE

    He and Andrew did the Para course in about 1978, apparently somewhat abbreviated and in an extra wide bit of sky, but I believe the wings are pukka.
  9. daz8014

    daz8014 Old-Salt

    He's probably got some General ironing his kit and polishing his boots for him!!!
  10. h301593

    h301593 Crow

    I see he wears navy fleet air arm pilot wings and army pilot wings. Has he actually done both courses or are they so similar that he's entitled to wear either?
  11. sammym

    sammym Crow

    He's done more to earn his wings than me. And I like charles. He's a top ambassador for the Armed Forces. And he seems to be willing to have a laugh at himself. Plus he is the "Colonel in Chief of the Parachute Regiment" which has to be the most ally title on the planet.
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  12. h301593

    h301593 Crow

    I prefer Philip, he could have had a career in stand up.
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  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    PoW must have an extremely able valet to pack him off to each do in the correct rig, considering that the old boys will be poring over the pics all the time trying to find fault.
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  14. Least POW served unlike Edward who still dresses up at a drop of a hat.

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  15. Prince Charles - ARRSEpedia

    Like mentioned, both Charley and Phil-the-greek (one of the best Bosses I've had the pleasure of working for) have earned the medals and badges they wear.