Prince Charles to change his name.

All this talk of 'our Maggie' being given a State Funeral has prompted questions about what happens once HM falls off the proverbial twig. Loads of 'things' like bank notes, coins and cap badges would need to be changed.... (what's the daftest one?)

'Our Charlie' has announced that he's seriously considering changing his name when he finally becomes King. It had been assumed that he would take the name 'Charles III'. However he apparently feels that there are negative associations with each of his 4 names, and so he has been searching through names of prior Kings in order to find something more appropriate.

'Charles' he thinks is too easily associated with Charles I, who had his head lopped off at the Tower in 1649. Charles II was his son, and was known throughout the kingdom as a bit of a sleep-around hedonist. Our present Prince does not like that association at all.

He's not keen on his middle names either.

'Philip' is too close to Phil the Greek. He hates 'Arthur' after being turned down by Bo Derek at the Premier of the Dudley Moore film 'Arthur' in 1981. (Holds a grudge does Charlie..) 'George' is too common for the Prince....and King George III lost the American colonies and is regarded in the family as a loser. He doesn't want to be George VII.

His spokesman has said "The Prince feels that he needs something that has not been commonly used, but at the same time speaks of the glory of the ancient line of the Kings. Charles has spent many an hour in his study reading page after page on the history of English Kings, and has gone back over a thousand years to find a name that he feels will in no way be associated with any of the ‘modern' Kings.

"Right now the Prince is considering ‘Egbert', ‘Aethelbald', or ‘Eadwig" who was King from 955 through 959."

"He's also very keen on Aragorn after watching Lord of the Rings on DVD"

(Could be worse...could be thinking of Frodo...)

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