Prince Charles pipes up before he has a wardrobe malfunction

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Queensman, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Reported in yesterday's Torygraph, (I'm not nerdy enough yet to work out how the hell I get the link from here to there.....) was a piece about HRH's comments made whilst visiting whats left of one of the Welsh regiments in Tidworth.

    The thrust of his comments were 'everytime I get a new ceremonial uniform made for one of my regiments, I don't get to wear it as there's been another disbandment/amalgamation and it's obsolete before it arrives in the post!'

    The article went onto add that this stance will upset the Army top brass who've spent ages trying hard to f*ck things up to the extent they have, but claiming to one and all it's a cracking outcome for all concerned.
  2. Well, at least the tailors are benefitting from this mess. 'Doubles all round I think Mr Gieves! Thank you Mr Hawkes!'