Prince Charles on the Beeb

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by trickywoo, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Previously, I've always thought our future King was a total rod but he's coming over as a well-balanced, humorous businessman of gravitas and, dare one say it, empathy. This could well be the best publicity of his life.
  2. Same here,

    Gone up in my estimation.
  3. Hang on - the bloody man likes Wagner. Might have to reappraise :lol:
  4. Scares the hell out of the slopes, my boys love it.

    Top bloke.
  5. He must have a wardrobe neh a dressing room full of regimental ties, counted 20 so far!!

    whats wrong with Wagner anyway? I thought he was quite good in Hart to Hart :wink:
  6. Ditto

    I thought he came across extremely well - sense of humour too.
  7. Very good watch. The Prince of Wales seems much happier now that he has Camilla beside him and I think she's much more accepted which must play some part in his contentment. But I could be wrong. :roll:
  8. Surely you can't believe anything on the Beeb (cf hundreds of previous threads).
  9. Hats off to HRH for getting out there and being proactive. He clearly does sincierly give at toss about his future subjects.
  10. Chaps,

    I have to say having for the most part respected him/thought him a bit of a prat at times, I was pleasantly suprised. HRH was eloquent, intelligent and generally a bit of a legend. Absolute lad. I say twas a jolly good thing.
  11. I haven't watched it due to location, however I am still seething that the big eared tw@ turned up 10 mins late for Remembrance with a bloody Frog!

    One day a shaggin year, thats all we ask.

    Save your apologies for those who cannot hear them anymore!

    (I would still have done his ex-Mrs)
  12. Perhaps you need to study art and learn about 'perspective' - was he late, or were the people getting him there late?

    I doubt HRH would be 'late' to such an event of his own accord...
  13. There can be no-one to blame except him.

    As future King of a nation whose people have spilled much blood for his country HE shouldnt rely on anyone else to keep HIS timings in order.

    It is HIS duty to be there.

    If HE has people in his employ that dont understand the significance of this event, and in particular the timing, then to identify this at the only event that requires impeccable timing is unforgiveable.

    IMHO it is very poor at best.

    Sadly those who opinions matter are not able to give their thoughts, but fortunately for him, and us they were not late for their duty . . .
  14. The Times has it that it was Sarkosy that was late, that HRH was there on time and did a bit of ad-libbing to fill the gap.

    I do hope that you don't feel too lonely on your outrage bus.
  15. I have also been swayed by his media portrayal as a bit of a dithering, self-obsessed tw@t, but he came across as reasonably intelligent, knowledgeable, extremely dedicated and a nice bloke. He might not have all the answers, but he is prepared to challenge orthodoxies, often proving to be correct in doing so. His range of interests is impressively broad, and done with an apparent real desire to help, rather than for his own image.

    I'm afraid, however, that his equine missus does him no favours in this regard. She looked utterly ill at ease in all the engagements, and desn't seem to have the knack of engaging with the public, or appearing interested when clearly not. She could probably cope with a Cotswold Pony Club meet, but a Jamaican shanty town put her totally out of her depth.