Prince Charles and his boxhead relatives :twisted:

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by osnaduckling22, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. After all the insults I had to take, after all those rude kraut-bashing arguments, I’ve got to inform my British friends about something that many of you wouldn’t like to hear:

    The British Royal Family is deeply rooted with its German ancestors!
    Get this:

    “The Royal Family's links to Germany
    The Royal Family's links to Germany go back to the early 18th century. All the Kings and Queens from the House of Hanover were married to Germans. Queen Victoria, the last of the Hanoverian monarchs and great great grandmother of the present Queen, married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Five of their nine children married Germans. There must be thousands of descendants of Queen Victoria in Germany today.”

    After all you all get ruled by some German descendants!
    :twisted: :lol:
  2. How long have you spent searching the net to entertain us here in the Naafi with that little jem of knowledge?

    Has anyone ever mistaken your snout for a coat hook? :D
  3. We know about this - the British king, the Kaiser and the Tsar at the time of the 1st world war were all cousins, IIRC. All the European royal families have been inbreeding for centuries - why do you think they all look a bit like they come from the Isle of Man?
  4. Go to the top of the class..... you f.ucking spotter :D

    Heb een mooie dag!!
  5. Feck off ugly dullard, go do some more inbreeding
  6. I haven't searched the net for long because this bit of information belongs to a good all-round education many people on here seem to struggle with :)

    Otherwise they wouldn't only see the little ( non-existing ) "Nazi" in me!

  7. will you allow Dui to talk to you like that cait? :twisted:
  8. Cait is a beauty who I adore from afar :oops:

    I was of course referring to that Osnauglyfuckinginbreedingofficershaggingdullardminger of course :wink:

    C_C ya wind up merchant :roll:
  9. Don't knock it, that's his latest chat up line. A big improvement on his usual rantings :wink:
  10. i shall deem that one to be a bite then :wink:
  11. With this statement you have just disqualified yourself, you filthy little idiot!
  12. Sarcasm obviously gets lost in the translation..... here's one for you...DULLARD!

    Its not the Nazi they want to see in you.. more like there bloodsticks right up yer gary glitter....
  13. Osnaminger

    How can you mock our monarchy when your grandad was a jew gassing hienkel pilot?

    If you really are just looking for a rodney to splatter yer back with man batter just say so....... I'm sure there are a couple of desperado's on here that would speak in pidgeon German 'drie stuck bon bon' and ich habe ein halb panzer links' etc

    Tell you what I'll do..... forward an address and I'll send you a medicine bottle full of freshly squeezed range glue then you can splash it all over your face and jugs.

    Great Britain has had a monarchy for hundreds of years, the Bosch get someome cocky in the seat with big ideas and they have to have to swipe knocked off thier faces by a gang of handsome tommies :D
  14. Osnamonger, is it true that the german microwave seats four?
  15. Oh please that hurt me so much :roll: minger :wink: go do a porn flick or something useful