Prince Charles and all those medals???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tooldtodieyoung, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Been looking at the footage of the D-Day rememberance... got me wondering ...

    Whilst admiring the veterans I notice that Prince Charles seems to have as many medals as most of them if not more...I know he has done time in the Navy and commanded a minehunter.. but I dont recollect him going on tour anywhere..

    Wikipeadia didnt help... so I wonder if anyone can shed any light as to what his awards are for? Not sure if this has been asked before, but now very curious...

    I remember Harry having the Jubilee medal whilst being in the CCF...(Can anyone explain that one?)..

    But other than foreign investitures what are the medals for?

    Over you to folks..
    Curious Holby...
  2. A nearly similar subject, does anyone know why Churchill wore various uniforms during the second big away match. I would not be impressed with Gordon dressed up in the desert.

    Can anyone answer this for me.

  3. Thanks Prince Albert...

    The Coronation Medal is rather laughable.... he was 3 years of age!!! I am surprised that he has the balls to wear that one! deserves a medal for having the nuts to wear it!!!

    Ok then how come Wills and Harry graduated from Sandhurst with the Jubilee medal? 5 years at that point??

    Interesting the comments on the BBC article...

    Thanks again...
  4. Google is your friend.
  5. They can wear the Jubilee medal as ones granny is the Queen!

  6. I agree I would not be impressed with Gordo doing similar - but at least Churchill had spent time both in the Army and as First Lord of the Admiralty - as well as a war correspondent. Couldn't see the current crop of 'professional politicians' doing similar, or even getting a real job - they just go direct to the Party and then onto guzzle at the trough!
  7. Thanks Sticky but i have keyboard bipolar tourettes!
  8. Times were different RCGJ. I don't think Winston lacked balls, in fact he would often lead from the front.

    He had served at Omdurman, the Boer war and WW1, with some distinction.

    He did have a tendency to design his own uniform...but he is not alone in that...given half the chance, I would have walked out looking like Mussolini.
  9. Chaps, i have read quite a bit about Churchill but the uniform thing makes me intriqued.

  10. Thanks sticky i got there in the end!

  11. Sorry RCGJ, I should have typed 'clicketty' or some such nonsense! :D
  12. Well how much of a uniform did he wear? Prior to WW2, he just wore what he was entitled to, ie ,whatever unit he was in.

    During WW2 he did adopt a kind of low key Naval uniform...just a Naval Service cap and Pea jacket....but it was not festooned with medals.

    He kind of invented the track suit with his Siren Suit.

    Come to think of it, old Adolf did not walt it either, a fairly spartan jacket and his Iron Cross.
  13. Difference is that both winnie and adolf, had been there got the T-shirt. Also if you went 'hey adolf, whats with the uniform' you got shot.

  14. He wears Parachute Wings too, but hasn't passed P Company! So in effect isn't entitled to wear them.

    But then, Mummy's Head of the Army! Who's going to argue with her? :D
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