Prince Andrew

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim24, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    You got to laugh at all the politicians outrage about Prince Andrew having some mates with shady backgrounds, I am amazed, FFS most of the cronies of Blair,Brown and Mandelscum would make Prince Andrews mates look like choir boys, definite case of Kettle calling the pot black. I wonder what ulterior motive is at work here

    BBC News - More Prince Andrew revelations 'could end trade role'
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I love the character assassination of him done in the Telegraph. Cabinet 'sources' basically called him a billy no mates with poor judgement who likes hanging around with kiddy fiddlers. Oh, and the insinutation that he shagged the 17 year old 'masseuse' isn't even thinly veiled.

    Time to spend those airmiles somewhere far from the public eye Andy!
  3. It's the BBC's "holier than though: tone that makes this particularly nauseating.
    It is not as though it can entirely be a pleasant job peddling what little wares Britain actually has left to sell
    and dealing with grubby individuals only interested in their bung- oh, and the odd underage totty.
    FFS how much more humiliation does one Falkland vet have to take, just because he married a GWAH?
  4. Simple. Just abolish his official allowances and expenses and allow him a 5% commission on the hundreds of £m of sales he earns for UK plc. Job done.
  5. What I like is the way the media is attacking him for being mates with someone who turned out to be a paedo as if he knew about it. So when will they be laying into Derrick Bird's friends who knew him for years before he went on his rampagne?
  6. Agreed entirely! If the bastards in the government were to get off there fat arses and 'get some in' or even do something revolutionary like actually running the country then maybe, just maybe, they could criticise Andy.
    By the way, Fergie may be a GWAR, but I'd let her use my body for her enjoyment any time...
  7. The sanctimonious spouting by the Labour politicians over this matter is unbelievable. Little over ten months ago these same people were so enmeshed in sleaze, lies, deceitfulness and corruption, that some have now been sent to prison.

    The leading idiot in criticising HRH The Duke of York is a barely known politician whose main claim to fame is to advertise his arse on a gay website wearing nowt but Y Fronts.

    The BBC is missing no opportunity to criticise and carp and it broadcasts endless homilies from failed Labour politicians yattering on as though they, Labour, were the answer to the nation's wrongs and that they would soon have HRH looking for work elsewhere.

    PS: I must disagree strongly with 'pongo6863' and his opinion on the usability of Sarah F. If I was ordered to service either Sarah F or Cherie Blair, I would seriously consider queering instead! What a pair of total mingers!
  8. If it was screw Cherie Blair or beheading I'd kneel and put my head on the block! :pukel:
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    I wonder who these Labour ******* have in mind to take HRHs place. someone with an impeccable record, without a blemish on their past, as pure as the driven snow, a saint, so its got to be Blair or Mandelscum , bet one of the f@ckers wants a new job where they can scrounge, steal,thieve even more cash into their offshore accounts
  10. Which member of the Royal Family do they suggest take over from him? Anyone else simply wouldn't have the same doors open to them.

    Also, I find amusing the idea that we're going to "sack" somebody who does what he does voluntarily.
  11. Personally, I think he's taken a lot of flak over the years. If he'd hovered a bit closer to the Atlantic Conveyer in '82 he'd probably got a bit more.

    Although when he was cutting-about in Brazen's Lynx a couple of years later he did look like a kiddy-fiddler with his facial hair and rubber trousers.
  12. Jesus Crept!!!!

    You lot sound like you're all after a CBE or a job at the Palace as one of the flunkey's!

    Grovelling Tossers!
  13. The BBC report that Downing Street say "The Duke of York may not survive as a UK trade envoy if there are more damaging revelations about him, Downing Street sources have said".

    One Labour spokesman is reported as saying "Former Labour minister Ben Bradshaw criticised Downing Street sources for commenting on the prince's position while remaining anonymous". Not exactly a condemnation!

    Another Labour person gives a personal view "Labour MP and former Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant has reiterated his view that the prince should no longer be used as a UK trade ambassador" and the slagging and insinuation on here against Labour are quite incredible to be honest.

    FFS, never let an opportunity for morons to slag off Labour get in the way of the facts.
  14. Is it not a storm that is being inspired and kept alive by Labour criticism? Sorry to offend your political principles and speak against your beliefs, but if there are any morons in this thread it surely is Labour pricks like Bradshaw and Bryant.