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Just doing PRINCE 2 on DLP, but require the books! Could someone send a linky so that i could download and print them off please?
Not sure you can download them for the DLP phase. If you're going on the residential part then they send them out within a certain timeframe of commencing the course and so if this is the pre-learning phase then you'll have to wait I think. If it's not the pre-learning phase then the course on the DLP has all the material included that is required to pass the assessments.

Perhaps not the answer you were looking for!? Apologies
I did mine through DLP and got my book from the Army Library Service.



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I'd recommend going on the defence academy website and register for the APMP course. All online bar one 3 day course and all free bar the exam. And it's better than prince2

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PRINCE 2, is that the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince? AFKATAFKAP

The links above are good, but you normally need to buy the books. This is also true if you go on a MOD course. Some of those that are contracted-in, like Learning Tree and Global Knowledge, give you the book as part of the fee.

I did the old ISPM 3 week course at Shrivenham, and I have to say it was extremely good compared to most MoD short courses.

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