PRINCE 2 - Foundation Exam

Evening All,

I have just started the online PRINCE 2 Foundation Course on the Defence Learning Portal. Does anyone know where I can go and sit the exam? I have tried Google but all I could find were links to courses as a whole not the exams.

Many thanks

You poor bugger.

Where can I sit the exams and how much are they?

Exams can be taken at any accredited training company or there are open exam centers in Milton Keynes, York and Winsford. These Exams run only on certain days and places are pretty much booked in advance, sometimes there is a 4-6 weeks waiting list. Bear this in mind when planning your training.

If you are based outside the UK and wish to complete a PRINCE2 exam, it is usually possible to sit them in a British Council office. Please contact the APM Group directly for more information on public exams.

You can telephone: +44 (0)1494 452 450 to arrange the exam, email or visit the website APMG-UK - PRINCE2® - PRojects IN Controlled Environments

Milton Keynes, York and Chester:
Foundation = £205 including VAT
Practitioner = £380 including VAT
Both = £570 including VAT

Sourced from PRINCE2 FAQ - Foundation & Practitioner Frequently Asked Questions - ILX Group
OP - try SCOPE. They run courses and also host exams. Usually the exam is staged in Bournemouth. If you are feeling in charge of your brief for an open book exam, then go down the night before and get some quality Bournemouth night life, before ace-ing the exam?
Try 'Aruba' on the end of the pier, slaaaaaaaaags galore.
Cheers, easy. actually that is just along the road from the hotel they use...and the Ocean Palace is en route so have a belly full of chogi nosh before whoring yourself mental. I love it when a plan comes together.

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