Primus Omnifuel

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by happy_as_a_hat, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. its the dogs' danglies.

    i use an MSR whisperlite but when the time comes it'll be an omnifuel. it simmers reasonably well - for a barely controlled explosion - and burns anything you can lay you grubby mitts on. i've seen it used with vegatable oil, diesel and pretty much anthing that smells nasty.

    utterly dependable, you can melt snow to get a litres worth in about 3mins and then boil that litre in another 3 mins.

    people will talk about the jet boil but it just doesn't compete in availability of fuel or ability to cook stuff.

    the whole package - pot, fuel, stove - is bulky, but a 1 litre fuel bottle will keep you in 2 hots and half a dozen brews for 7 days including melting snow and cooking 'quick-cook' pasta. with discipline, a flask and a water source you could easily stretch that to 10 days.

    with regular use you should expect it to last 10 to 15 years.
  2. MSR do a version and apart from sounding like an afterburner it does burn almost anything Ive found. and boils water very quickly, almost before your section commander runs over to ask what the hell the noise is.
    For civi purposes i cant fault it!
  3. Right then...I've just bought it on Field and Trek with a free fuel bottle and free P&P cos I spent lots of money. I missed the 10% Forces Discount button but have been assured I can still get it if I call tomorrow... :D

    Reviews after my next exercise but be warned, as this bad boy seems to run on all fuels look out for happy_as_a_hat, coming to steal dieso from a truck near you! :twisted: :lol:
  4. Optimus nova plus (a new one just out) and anything by MSR are worth considering as well.

    Don't bother trying to fly Crab-Air with it though, or you'll wave bye bye to £100 worth of kit in an instant.

    (I'm willing to be corrected on that last point if there are any light-blue/MOVCON types reading)
  5. A couple bits of advice if this is your first 'bottle' fuel stove mate...:

    -Ensure you buy replacement seals for the fuel bottle in advance, and build up a repair and maintenance kit.

    -When changing fuels leave the near empty bottle to stand until all the remaining fuel has evaporated before filling it. Ignition of mixed fuels can often be a nightmare (made that mistake myself.)

    Personally I use Primus Gravity stoves, both gas and omni-fuel versions, but they are designed to reduce weight and as such are not the sturdiest for PLCE packing. I've used the Omni-fuel stove on many occasions, top notch, a very good purchase!!!!
  6. Thought this was just the fuel bottle, not the stove???
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Bit of a downer that, never thought of checking out the site shop ?

    £89.99 inc. p&p
  8. Ideal if you have a year between your annual camps to allow Dieso/Kero to evaporate........
  9. Luckily, Field and Trek gave me a 10% Discount and it came to £93 mit fuel bottle und P&P...I still think I've done ok!

    This bottle emptying thing seems like a bit of a painful and long winded process; anyone advise on a nice quick method?

  10. Primus Omnifuel?

    Didn't he used to lead the Autobots?
  11. an airing cupboard?

    FFS take any clothes out first, the missus went spare when i did it the first time after we moved in together, everything stank of petrol - even after a few hot washes. some people have no sense of humour whatsoever. :roll:

    if you can its probably best to stick to a fuel - diesel being the obvious, but in the field (say you wanted to change from diesel to kerosene) you could probably get away with swilling a bit of kerosene around the bottle, throwing it out and then just filling up.

    the first burn of any 'new' fuel is always going to be a bit of a bugger, but its probably worth having a practice in the back garden to check all is well.

    also, don't follow the example of a 'friend' who tried to evaporate any remaining traces of unleaded by holding a match to the bottle mouth. very silly indeed.
  12. I'm confused...apparently, Colemans fuel is best to use in all multifuel gizmos but I can't find out where sells it...anytime I Google it I get fu*king British Gas telling me how cheap they are!!!

    Where can I get some Colemans Fuel????
  13. Your nearest comprehensive outdoor stockist! Not millets or blacks or anything namby pamby like that.

    You can't order fuel online so that is why you won't have much luck finding an online dealer!!!!!
  14. most big camping shops sell it, but its - get this - £12 a litre!

    its cleaner than unleaded or diesel, so you won't get either a cloud of thick black smoke when you prime the stove or a mass of carbon on the stove, and it burns marginally more effeciently (10 seconds or so faster to boil a litre of water than vehicle fuels) two issues come up however: cost, £12 a litre vs 87p a litre for unleaded and supply. swapping fuels is a pain as we discussed, but you can bet your arse that the post office in Kinlochewe won't have any and the chances of finding it in some dust covered central asian republic are absolutely zero.

    i use unleaded because i can just interchange the petrol from the stove bottles to the petrol can in my car and vice versa. coleman allows none of that.

    i'd steer well clear, its just a rip off.