Primus in Indis - 23rd June 1757

To all D and D's out there, a toast to the memory of Sir Robert Clive and the 39th Foot.
On June 23rd, 1757 at Plassey, a small village and mango grove between Calcutta and Murshidabad, the forces of the East India Company under Robert Clive met the army of Siraj-ud-Doula, the Nawab of Bengal.

Clive had 800 Europeans (39th Regiment of Foot - the East Middlesex foot which was to become the Dorsetshires in 1807) and 2200 Indians whereas Siraj-ud-doula in his entrenched camp at Plassey was said to have about 50,000 men with a train of heavy artillery operated by the French. During the battle a monsoon storm, lasting nearly an hour, drenched both sides and the ground, The Indian guns slackened their fire because their powder was insufficiently protected, but when the Indian cavalry charged in the hope that the British guns had suffered similarly they were sharply repulsed by heavy fire. The French guns captured by the 39th can still be visited at the Victoria Memorial in Calacutta.

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