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Primrose Garden - A surreal and funny story about a quiet (ish) English Village.

I have not come across a book like this in many years; it is a cross between a Whitehall Farce with Brian Rix and one of the books by Tom Sharpe. It is totally irreverent, funny and not in the least bit shy! Plenty of swearing so if that puts you off in books then this may not be for you.

Set in an idyllic English village, very typical and totally unreal in that it has the Church, duck pond, thatched cottages, pub and of course inbred locals! The characters populating this village range...
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Gout Man

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Sounds like a good funny easy read, I'll the ask wife for this instead of a big Easter egg. If I'm good and do the washing up a few times I might, just might get both.=-D
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