Prime Real Estate - Going Cheap

Step right up, folks.. I'm selling choice and spacious lots on Mars!

You heard me... With demand for Lunar lots selling briskly and the latest technological advances in space travel just around the corner [ or the level of gullibility among the deep pocketed types growing - if you believe the conspiracy theorists ] it won't be long before you can all personally inspect your prime retirement/vacation villas off planet..
Never mind virtual lands on the internet.. nope.. own a piece of the rock and ensure a legacy for your kids..

What the hell am I talking about, friends?
just look:

I have exclusive rtights to Mars and am seeking options on the moons of Saturn..

Uranus anyone [ should be right up ARRSEurs' alley - so to speak ]
Rockets, Step away from the cooking sherry and go and have a lie down. There's a good chap.
I have it on good authority that the moon is NOT made of green cheese, but of rancid bacon fat. The lucky Israelis will be the ones who are still within the 30 day money-back-guarantee period. :)