Prime Minister unable to make a decent brew!




Hell,the useless c*ut cant make a decision so for him to make a cuppa's got him well f8cked!
The raffle would go some way to clearing the national debt. We need to take this further ....


Just a few unrecognised works of genius from the Defence/International Affairs list:

Invade France, and hence provide us with a war we can all get behind

We, the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister to stop being a whining apologist

Proclaim One Hundred Acre Wood to be a Tiggerist Republic - "After a long and bitter struggle against the evil Poohkind we hereby request the Prime Minister proclaim One Hundred Acre Wood to be a Tiggerist Republic and that Comrade Tiggoui be offered a permenant seat on the UN, replacing the USA".

Make Britain into a pirate ship - "load up on treasure from islands and small countries we pillage, a massive boost to the economy". Can't be any worse than their other ideas to stave off recession.

Ban My Chemical Romance headlining Download Festival 2007 - but where else ould all those piss filled bottles have gone?

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