Prime Minister pulled into the expenses row

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by insert-coin-here, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Gordon Brown and his most senior ministers are facing questions over their use of parliamentary expenses after the Daily Telegraph revealed details of their claims

    And so it begins.....
  2. Ssssh, they have done nothing wrong. Everything is within the rules.
    Must be nice to write the rules yourself and allow unlimited raiding of the public purse.
    Thieving, bottom feeding leeches to a man (and woman).

    I see Harriet Harman has come out and squarely blamed the system for these liberties with out money. She admits the system is wrong but nobody has done anything wrong as its all within the rules. Can't be the politicians fault if the rules are wrong now can it?
    The rules didn't force the thieving cnuts to claim did it?
  3. Many MP's "blame" Brown for this.

    By keeping MP's base pay down for headlines he "forced" them into exploiting their expenses system.

    Oh the suffering :roll:
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Precisely. Whatever happened to honour and decency? There's that cnut Gordon Brown talking about people 'abusing' tax loopholes to keep him away from their money, even though these people are working 'within the rules', and then he and his bovine class of cretinous liars steal as much as they can get away with from the 'Public Purse' because THAT'S within the rules.

    Double standards? You decide.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The EVIL LEAKING B'STARDS!!!!! This is a stain on our decent democracy that some low-life scumbag with the morals of a rattlesnake could even DARE, DARE I tell you, to spuriously leak this story.

    And as for a newspaper actually paying money for, AND publishing the information in this shameful, underhanded way is beyond the pail.

    Get the police and the anti-terrorist-meisters in and let's see someone smeare . . . dead in a fie . . . prosecuted for this outrage to decency!!!!
  6. I would recommend listening to Harpersons response on 5 Live this morning, about 0745. Very entertaining
  7. More in The Scotsman
    Cyclops didn't reiburse his brother - the taxpayer did - luckily for Brown it is within the rules (as he understands them) :x
  8. Would you trust this man to fill in a truthful expenses claim ?

  9. I also loved the interview with some Roy Hattersley-sounding parliamentary figure on the Today programme this morning (didn't catch the name as I was only on my first cup of coffee).

    In it he suggested that the public start to respect MPs as they deserve and all this issue would go away.

    Now I'm sure at Sandhurst we were taught that respect is earnt, not given on demand...
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If I understand correctly, they would all get a chance to "review" their expenses before publication in the summer, this is obviously the un-edited version.

    I blame Brown also.

    MP's should get paid more. Without an attractive package you will not get the better people, but it has to be transparent, completely. Not just for expenses, but for executive directorships, public[private] appearances and all the other potential conflicts of interest.

    Maybe they should also be culled at the end of their useful working lives to prevent any abuse of knowledge or influence.
  11. You pay more money you get better people? That's how Fred Goodwin et al justify their mind-numbing packages, if you were paid twice as much would you be twice as good?
    How would you attractive package square with Lord Gould's 22yr old daughter being given a safe seat? A quick look at the MPs being returned in the West of Scotland since the war will tell you that even if you found the job attractive you have no chance unless you had the right connections in the labour party.

    There are plenty of people more than capable of doing the job without getting a package worth over 4 times the average wage. I would limit the MPs package to a multiple of the the average of the entry level salary of a Nurse/Teacher/PC/Private. Say seven times?
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Ask yourself this.
    Why are successfull professional people not leaving their professions for even a career break in politics?
    When you wiegh MP or ministers salaries against corporate equivalents, you would always go private unless; A. You are not good enough; B. Are dreamy eyed do-gooder; C. Have an inflated ego; D. Like the badge and trimmings.

    If you pay for tat, you get tat
  13. ... and we have the best tat that money can buy.