Prime Minister Booted out!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beardo, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. It's been on the news over here that NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark was booted out of Parliament.......................

    "It's either shut up or get out in New Zealand's parliament, even for the prime minister and opposition leader.

    Both were kicked out on Tuesday for talking out of turn, ejected from the parliamentary chamber in Wellington for breaking a ban on interjection.

    Helen Clark was asked to leave the house for the first time in her six years as prime minister for interjecting while an opposition MP was asking a question."

    Would that Happen to Blair, if he broke the rules of the house? And do we have such rules??

    Any Thoughts or info??

  2. I think Helen Clark looks like hayley form coronation st



    They both look like men in drag
  3. She's a belter??
  4. Damn thought that was Bliar

    Oh Well you live in hope.

  5. AFAIK it depends on how they set up the standing orders (I think that is the name of them) for the Parliament as to whether they have gag orders on debates and so on. Usually done by the mob in control to stop the opposition mob from chucking curly questions at them. I have seen out here the Opposition Leader ordered out as he refused to retract statements he made at the PM. I vaguely remember there was some uproar as the entire Opposition, at the time, was ordered from the chamber due to "unruly behaviour". Similar stuff applies in Upper House but as they are a bunch of eccentrics it is often more difficult to ascertain if they are making a legitimate point or just had a bit much to drink at lunch.

    Nice teeth on the bint though. She looks English :lol: