Prime minister believes Bosnia-Herzegovina will split

Milorad Dodik, prime minister of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said on 4 September that an independence referendum for the RS was inevitable.

Dodik argued a referendum was inevitable because there was no possibility of Bosnia and Herzegovina remaining united in the long term, and said "99 per cent" of Serbs would back independence in such a poll.

The issue of secession has gained urgency with the independence of Montenegro and the ongoing final status talks for Kosovo. While Dodik accepts the RS will never join Serbia proper, he argues that Kosovo seceding from Serbia would lead to demands by Serbs in the RS to have an equal right to self-determination.

Dodik is a moderate reformist and the leader of the Independent Social Democratic Party (SNSD). Unlike the previous nationalist government, Dodik's administration includes parties that campaign on the basis of a "sovereign and whole" Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dodik's comments are not, therefore, merely campaigning bluster from a die-hard nationalist. His suggestion that the Republika Srpska needs, if not secession, then a higher level of independence, should worry members of the international community who have been pushing for Bosnia and Herzegovina to reduce its decentralisation and the autonomy of its entities in order to improve the functioning of the federal state.
Well this is hardly a surprise, I thought the deal was that they had to wait until the majority of involved European Politians retired, must be time now.

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