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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rocketeer, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. here's the latest thing..
    not content to deliver your daily caffeine load in coffee,tea, or can now get pre-caffienated bottled water, caffeine-infused gum, lip balm, candy, sunflower seeds, mints and FFS- beer!..the usual slew of caffeine ' energy drinks' such as Red Bull and its competitors/imitators and, for those who really need a morning boost; Caffeine Soap on a Rope- so that, as you take your morning shower, you supposedly absorb a caffeine load through your pores to add to the regular dose you get with your monring cuppa...

    BUT WAIT.. that's not enough!

    file this under A] How Dumb are People?
    B] Why didn't I think of This first to Fleece Cash from Numptys?

    "BLOW! "
    A new product on the market. A white-powdered version of caffeine, appallingly marketed in vials..the manufacturers claim that it is " to be used as an additive to drinks, water or in cooking " and, of course, not to be snorted or mainlined in a solution..the packaging and marketing is meant to be ' edgy' and 'with-it' in context...etc. etc..

    How soon before we find nimnuls washing up in Emerg suffering from 'caffeine overdose' or other ' health issues' ? and how come I didn't think of this ?[ must have been because I didn't drink my coffee this morning ]