Primary Role of the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Home Defence (UK Ops)

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  2. Home Defence and ARRC support

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  3. Providing IRs for regular units

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  4. Broad Church (all the above)

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  1. Following on from

    What is the primary role for the TA?

    Is it a militia (spare parts for the regular army) or a number of regiments to bolster the (one) army?

    note: The Home Defence and ARRC Support also includes yeomanry and infantry providing IR's to regular units, which I believe is the role of the TA as defined @ SDR. Most CS/CSS would not provide IR's except for CVHQ.

    p.s. I also interpret the options as:

    UK Defence (Home Defence)
    EU/NATO Defence/Ops (Home Defence and ARRC support)
    US Ops (IR's to regular units)
  2. AHHH Polar!

    I just don't know. I turn up on a Wednesday evening and do the one weekend a month and just enjoy it for what it is. The trade training reflects what our regular brethren do and we work with them on annual camps and on Ops.

    That's sort of it really. I do have a sense that the post tour world is settling down and in some ways we are concentrating on "bread and butter" as much as Ops based stuff.

    I would say my unit has a very healthy view of itself and its place in the TA/One army game plan.

    Who knows what the MOD are thinking though?!
  3. Here we go again..... :twisted:
  4. We seem to be concentrating on Pre-Pre Ops training as that seems to be all the Battalion does now, provide Soldiers for Ops. A Force Protection Company was deployed on Telic 9 and are back nearly a year and we are warned to provide IR to Herrick 10. With anyone recently back warned that they would be taken on as FTRS if they want to go, so no job protection available....
    Happy days!
  5. personally, I want to know what STABTIFFY2B has to say on this issue.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    .......appears to be constantly dripping like Dale's cnut after a crawl, whining about how how hard done by they are, and saying how we would all be speaking German if it wasn't for their grandfathers (but how sorry they are that it is just too "inconvenient" for them to do anything at present).
  7. Primary Role of the TA?

    Comedy value, nothing more, nothing less.


    Because treats ALL HM Forces and defence of the realm as a joke.
  8. But is it sensible that continue post Iraq/Afghanistan? Should Bn's be assigned to train for roles such as home defence (patrolling, wood clearance), NATO (section attacks/defence), FIBUA/OBUA, etc (I've used old preSDR titles).

    Is the current training, jack of all trades but master of none?

    In the Signals we do the former but the latter could support the regulars better (no specific kit training - just a general education)
  9. io Merlin you slaggin my training...... :wink:
    I will have you know it took me two full fag packets to get it together...anyway its fun.. :)

    see you at DIV SAAM mate

  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    We are very much still in the business of doing all of those things. Theatre specific training only occasionally appears, for the most part we stick with conventional high-intensity infantry training (Platoon/Company Advance to Contact etc.). The stuff that is theatre specific usually comes in the form of
    prisoner handling, VCPs or multiple patrolling.

    Mate, do you also wear flares to remind you of your youth? :D
  11. Errr - what home defence roles? Given that JDP2-02 is very clear that there is no home defence role seen at present and that the MOD is not to plan for Military Homeland Defence, as there is no credible threat, I fail to see why the TA thinks it needs to be defending the homeland.
  12. At the moment its supplying irs to the regs .Or if your lucky a fp coy.
  13. This thread is like groundhog day.

    The primary task of soldiers serving in TA RSigs Regts in 2 NC Sig Bde is to provide national comms in the event of a catastrophic attack on the UK mainland. They can volunteer to serve on ops as IRs but to be honest, it seems to be the exception rather than the rule since the training is focussed on the role (eg. sorting comms for Gold/Silver/Bronze HQs etc) and not on anything tour-specific (e.g. VCPs, prisoner handling).

    The MoD may decide to do away with this following the TA review and in line with the general philosophy of avoiding any "homeland defence"-style taskings. The fact remains that, for the time being, these RSigs soldiers will continue in this UK Ops role because that's what the CoC has told them to do.
  14. :p who knows or cares what the scaly backs do .Spent 6 months attached to them they couldnt even keep comms going in the sangars :? .
  15. Thanks for the info, so in theory your patrolling skills would be weaker a pre-SDR Home Defence Bn, your FIBUA would be poorer than the old para Bn's etc BUT your general infantry skills much better.

    How old do you think I am, I don't remember flares on my nappies :D