Priest tells flock Ive got a son

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Raven2008, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. What a priest shagged who's old enough to concieve a child 8O
  2. not to mention FEMALE!! Maybe it was a slip of the finger and what he actually said was " I've got a new lawnmower"??
  3. Two points – the proportion of paedophiles in the Catholic priesthood is the same as mainstream society, so the jokes belong in the NAAFI, not here. Secondly, the loneliness of life as a celibate priest is unimaginable – I know two, one a very good friend from school, another from my town, and one of the two has already succumbed to alcoholism and left the priesthood. Bearing that in mind, anyone who makes the very human error of falling in love is to be pitied, not mocked. Best of luck to him, I say, and the sooner the Church reverse the policy on celibacy the better.
  4. Look in the dictionary if you want to find "sympathy". :roll:

    While the proportion of kiddie-fiddlers in the Catholic priesthood might not be any higher than mainstream society, the Church has been found out trying to protect these scum far too many times. :evil:
  5. I bet he was popular. Though it was slightly juicier than last week's sermon.
  6. Am I the only one thinking of Father Ted and Bishop Brennan? :D

    Feck! Arse! Drink! Girls! :lol:
  7. Two points, firstly who gives a stuff regarding the proportion of paedophiles within the Catholic priesthood to mainstream society (although I confess, I did think it would be a lot higher)? Secondly, you've pointed out that jokes belong in the NAAFI. I'd actually argue that a thread such as this should also be in the NAAFI, especially given it revolves around a totally bone topic and also closely resembles an average Sunday Sport headline.
  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    You expect sympathy for the biggest lying, stealing, genocide assiting organisation on the face of the planet?

    Also I question your statement on the percentage of pederasts within the that particular clergy. That organisation attracted people into the Priest hood...

    do you know what I can't be arrsed to even argue the point.

    the Popes a Nazi and the whole dammed lot of them are going to hell.
  9. Sooner your priest friends stop rooting round the tired anus's of young boys under the pretence of moral education the better :D
  10. That is truly minging. 8O
  11. That was the first thing I thought of too!
  12. I'm presuming that you could reference published statistics on your first point if asked to......... :roll:
  13. Just to remind posters that the thread is about a priest who, for whatever reason, found that he could not keep his vows. My point was that this was a human mistake, a mistake many in society make – the figures for marital infidelity support my point here – and that we shouldn’t rush to judge. This guy is clearly not a paedophile or the press would have discovered this and publicised by now. So in reality it is a normal guy faced with a horrible situation.

    Child abuse is a societal phenomenon that is not exclusive to any group or institution. The proportion of child abusers amongst the clergy is about 4%, according to the American John Jay report, and backed up by looking at the figures in the Ryan report in Ireland. The figures for the mainstream population are hard to estimate, but I’ve read (it was widely discussed in Ireland in the light of the Ryan Report) the figure of 5%, which was cited by Prof Patricia Casey, head of Psychiatry in UCD (

    As a Catholic, I’m disgusted by the problem of Child Abuse in the Church, just as I would if it were a youth-worker, teacher or just a man on the street. Sex offenders are like rats, they sniff out an opportunity and eventually, they will find a way. Large institutions are attractive to them – access to lots of vulnerable people and a large enough organisation to hide in. The Church attracted them for this reason, but so did the Army (I can think of two sexual abusers, one in an infantry regiment and one in the RLC who worked their way into recruit units), sports coaches, etc. That in itself is not a reason to hate the institution, it’s a reason to hate the abuser and ensure that they never get the chance to abuse again.

    The jibe about Pope Benedict being a Nazi is complete BS – I’ve taken a chunk from wikipedia to illuminate.

  14. Unlike the Prieshood/Catholic Church, the rest of the population don't consider their role to be the arbiter of morality. The rest of the population does not presume to tell us what is good, bad, sinful, or that unmarried women are living in sin and will go to hell unless they are put in homes - Magdalen Homes.

    Unlike the Catholic Church, the rest of the population does not have a massive, super-rich global organisation to hide behind.

    Fcuk the catholic church and its kiddy-fiddling priests; Fcuk them and their rules on celibacy; Fcuk them and their starving flocks while they wallow in riches beyond our wildest dreams; Fcuk them on their tales of morality while engaged in every vice and sin. In the simplest possible terms, fcuk them.

    There you go, I said it. It's out. It's not a joke, it's serious, so it doesn't need to go in the NAAFI.

    BTW - I'm not anti-catholic. I just hate the organisation; one of many I can't stand for their shiite morality, shiite examples and basic shiiteness of every description.