Priest arrested over nuns rape claim

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. Priest arrested over nun's rape claim (c) The Telegraph

    Every time I read a story regarding (alleged and proven) sexual abuse by Catholic priests and monks I ponder the role of enforced chastity and the associated guilt about sins of the flesh. Each time, my philosophical mind argues that humans are distinct from other animals due to the proven ability of logical and rational thought, but my physiological mind tells me that humans are nonetheless animals and that sex is a primeval urge that takes an awful lot of suppressing. Saying that, there are a mere handful of Buddhist monks accused of sexually assaulting anyone and their vows of celibacy are as severe, if not more so, than a Catholic priest’s. I know that there are relatively few allegations compared with the number of Catholic priests and monks, but I also think that like rape, there are more cases than ever get alleged.

    I am nominally CofE and have no motive in posting this other than to ask what other people think regarding whether celibacy is actually needed to achieve spiritual enlightenment and true religious devotion, bearing in mind rabbis, vicars and imams can marry and have sexual relations.
  2. surely if celibacy is required to achieve spiritual enlightenment then only priests (and the incredibly ugly) should bother with religion as they are the only ones who have a chance of achieving enlightenment.

    The rest of us are going to be too busy with fornication and such like.

    (waits for lightening strike............)
  3. I can sell you some size 10 wellies .... should give you some ground insulation :)

  4. Connect with this piece from Saturday's Telegraph. Probably only goes to show that celibacy is not a natural state.
  5. vaeviso - tell that to my wife, now you know why my arm is like a fiddler crab
  6. Probably only goes to show that monogamy is not a natural state either!
  7. Let's all wait for an outburst from a rabidly Left-footed Moderator, who'll no doubt try and defend this behaviour!
  8. As opposed to a rabidly right-footed anti-Catholic bigot like you? Don't like Catholics? - pity about you. :twisted:
  9. And, as both of you are heretics I don't see what all the fuss is about...
  10. I suppose it makes a change from them abusing Alter Boys.
  11. Oh Lord, don't tell me Queensman is an anti-Catholic Catholic? 8O
  12. Nah! I'm Russian Orthodox....
  13. Ah yes, the Great Schism...shocking business. Wonderful liturgy in the Orthodox Church mind you. :D
  14. Surely chastardy is the death of religion.

    To not have sex is to not to reproduce (not including medical intervention, im talking at the base level). No reproduction means no children and thus no one to carry on the religion. So there has to be some "evil" to populate the church.

    And surely in th religous point of view, the best dad would be a priest as they could start teaching from birth.....
  15. Is that Charridy's sister by any chance?