Pride of Britain Awards

This lifted form Defence Intranet:

The British Army is being awarded a 'Special Recognition' award at the ITV's Pride of Britain Annual Awards Ceremony in London tonight, 9 October 2007.

Ewan McGregor presenting the Pride of Britain Award to .......The award has been accepted on behalf of the Army by ....... from the Joint Forces Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Group in Iraq.

It was presented to..... by Star Wars actor and strong supporter of the Armed Forces, Ewan McGregor, who recently flew out to Iraq accompanied by an ITV1 film crew to record the presentation. The footage will be shown at tonight's ceremony and broadcast on ITV tomorrow, 10 October 2007, as if it were a live link to theatre.

Pride of Britain celebrates the achievements of remarkable British people. It is the biggest national event of its kind in the UK, attracting an audience of around seven million TV viewers. HRH Prince Charles, the Prime Minister and Defence Secretary Des Browne are due to attend the ceremony.

The British Army is being awarded a separate 'Special Recognition' award, this year, as the organisers feel the Army must be remembered in an event of this scale. ITV1 wanted to present the award to reflect the Army's contribution both at home and abroad and in particular to highlight the work of troops on operations.

Actor Ewan McGregor paid a surprise visit to British Forces in Basra for the Pride of Britain Awards 2007

"I'm just so amazed by ...... and her unit's courage. She's fantastic. I would never have the guts to do what she does. Most people, and I'm one of them, would run a million miles from a bomb but ..... walks towards them and makes them safe. Amazing. It's important that we pay tribute to ..... and people like her, who are prepared to put their lives in danger like this for others."

.....was selected to represent the Army in order that audiences have someone they can relate to. ITV considered that the work of EOD operators fits well with the humanitarian theme of the awards, reflecting work both overseas and in the UK with the latter resonating with the public's heightened awareness of domestic terrorism.

Colleagues in the Joint Forces Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group gave Ewan a demonstration of their bomb exploding equipment and carried out a controlled explosion on a car before inviting him to don the protective anti-blast suit they wear when defusing explosives.

Ewan visited UK Service personnel from various regiments based at the UK base in Basra Airport and also rode in a Warrior Armoured Personnel Carrier and a Lynx helicopter as well as opening a new medical unit.

The Officer Commanding Multi-National Division (South East), greeted Ewan and said:

"It's been a great morale boost that you've taken the trouble, not without personnel risk to come and show your support."

The actor, whose brother Colin served in Iraq last year with the RAF's 617 Squadron, flying reconnaissance missions, told the troops at Basra via the British Forces Broadcasting Service's radio at the base:

"We're all thinking about you back in Britain and we're all really proud about what you're doing here. We hope to see you back home soon."

Well done to all involved, it's nice to see some good news storys. And well done to Obi Wan, anybody got any views as to how he went down in Iraq? Was his visit more popular than Broons?
When asked why she chose such a dangerous job Ssgt Michelle Cunningham said She didn't she was sent on the wrong training course
What a great quote fair play to you Ssgt Cunningham
Completely missed the programme, bugger. Well done Defence Intranet team, only 24 hours behind the times, I must read the TV listings more!

As to my editing of the name; she chose to appear on TV and I didn't have her premission to post her details on the internet. Just a personal thing.

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